Aspirin dosage for dogs

Using the correct aspirin dosage for dogs varies according to your dogs weight. Aspirin can be relatively safe for dogs when given properly however, it does cause some of the same side effects noticed by its human users; these are stomach upset and ulcers, also noted is increased time for clotting of the blood, additionally, aspirin in rare cases may cause liver or kidney damage.

Aspirin should be used sparingly given during meal time to reduce stomach problems and only when your dogs pain is causing major discomfort. Aspirin dose for dogs is 5-10 mg of aspirin with no enteric (not buffered) coating for every 10 pounds of body weight given twice a day. So for instance if you had an 80 pound dog you may give him 1 - 325 milligram tablet twice a day however, be aware that long term use of aspirin may damage your dogs body and cause side effects. I actually have given my dog Mary aspirin, I used to just crush the aspirin then roll it into a little lunch meat but trying to cut the aspirin and regulate this higher dose became a bit of a hassle so I moved to using baby aspirin, it's a lower dose and therefore easier to regulate, it also has a better taste. many dogs will take baby aspirin without having to conceal this pain reliever in a treat. Aspirin is not to be used by puppies, pregnant dogs or dogs with compromised immune systems. contact your vet for proper medications concerning your dog.

Prior to trying an aspirin regimen, consider using a natural pain remedy for your dog to reduce pain. Many of the natural pain remedies are based on herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties; these natural herbs cause far fewer side effects have proven to be effective and are definitely worth a try.

Before starting your dog on aspirin call your veterinarian and discuss your specific dog and his or her particular issues.

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