Dog Recipes - Making your own dog food - Homemade Treats and Best Home Remedies for dogs

Try some of these great dog recipes. These recipes are not only for making your own dog food or treats, but also recipes to keep your canine safe, happy, and healthy. Of course, you will find some of these treats to be a bit more decadent then others, but that is why they are called treats. Oh, and not to worry I will have plenty of healthy, natural, and even organic dog recipes as well.

Making your own dog food can be a great alternative, because you know exactly what ingredients are going into your dog food. I won’t go into detail, about what may be in your dog food however, many of the ingredients have been rejected for use on humans, and contain ingredients that are down right disgusting. You will find some guidelines on this site however, I don't go into deep detail about dog nutrition. It is my suggestion that before you take your dog off traditional dog food you do your research. You will find many sites on the web that can help you develop a nutrition plan, if your not interested in spending hours of research there are other all inclusive programs available such as, healthy food for dogs an ebook dedicated to the subject.

cute pup Hey! Wanna have a Dog Birthday Party? This is a terrific way to celebrate. You can have friends and family over and of course your dog can have his friends over too. I will give you some great, easy dog recipes for Dog Birthday Cakes, with ideas about how to set up your party. From special dog party treats, dog party themes, and great dog gift bags to give to your four legged guests.

Do you have concerns about chemicals that are in the products made for your dog? Maybe, you would like to try some Natural alternatives? I will give some dog recipes for homemade dog shampoo, dog shampoo bars, and dry dog shampoo. Many of these dog recipes will include ingredients that will naturally repel fleas and ticks. Maybe your dog isn’t really in need of a bath, so I will also give you some recipes for making your own mosquito, tick, and flea repellent for dogs.

Is your dog not feeling her best? I will give you some home remedies for dogs including, kennel cough, constipation in dogs, ear mites, ear infection, arthritis relief, Dog hot spots, canine UTI, and more.

Is your dog going where they might not belong? Maybe you have a puppy that is chewing your shoes or a dog that likes to sun herself in your garden? "My dog Mary used to be famous for laying in the flowers" I will give you some Dog repellent recipes, that are natural and effective.

What are you feeding your dog? When I started this site I thought I was giving my dog a high quality diet, after extensive research I was appalled to find out what was actually in my dogs food, "this wasn't cheap no name food". Not everyone has the time, for making your own dog food. I should also stress that the recipes found on this site are meant to be treats or an addition to your dogs regular diet, they are not meant to be your dogs main source of nutrition.

Find the best Top rated dog food., learn about different types of dog food including, no grain dog food, freeze dried dog food, and the best organic dog food, with a few lists that rate dog foods. Visit my top ten best dog foods list and find real high quality food for your canine. Not what the dog food companies tell you is high quality. We also talk about the best dog food ranked, this page deals with dog food nutrition, versus cost; on this page I will point you towards dog food companies, that are good citizens and do the right thing while, providing good value for your hard earned money. Maybe you would like to support a dog food company that truly gives back?

Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM. and owner of Nelson Animal Hospital, has written an incredible 480 page e-book manual. Find out why Dr. Andrew who once believed only in conventional veterinary medicine, has changed his beliefs. This book will give you a comprehensive look at holistic, and natural healing for your dog. Find home remedies for dogs and so much more by reading the Veterinary Secrets.

I really encourage readers to share their stories, recipes, home remedies and anything dog related. Whats on your mind? How has your dog made your life better, what do you love about your dog and whats your choice for best dog food? Many of these pages have submission sections. Add your thoughts and be entered to win a special, dog care package, plus receive my easy recipe for chicken soup dog biscuits.

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Making homemade dog treats
Making homemade dog treats, Dog treat recipes that your dog will love and is a fun project with kids
Homemade dog shampoo
Making your own Homemade dog shampoo, natural dog shampoo recipes that are free of harsh chemicals, dyes and additives.
Top rated dog food
Get answers to your questions about Top rated dog food, learn about the top ten best dog foods, what is freeze dried dog food, find the best no grain dog food what is the best organic dog food.
Dog Birthday Party
Great Ideas for having a Dog Birthday Party with Dog Party Themes, Dog Birthday Cake Recipes and instructions how to make Dog Gift Bags
dog birthday cake recipes
dog birthday cake recipes - Like meat cake or peanut butter dog birthday cake.
Dog Cake Decorating Ideas
Dog Cake Decorating Ideas, Decorate a cake for your dog party
Dog Birthday Party Activities
Dog Birthday Party Activities and Games Like a dog costume party or make your own dog agility course
dog gift bag
Make dog gift bag for that special four legged friend use recyclable materials
recipe for dog repellent
Recipe for dog repellent keep your dog out of flowers away from shoes or off your bed
Recipes for dog repellent
Recipes for dog repellent, Keep dogs away from forbidden areas
diabetic dog treat recipe
Try this easy diabetic dog treat recipe and reward blood glucose testing. Learn more about diabetes in dogs and what types of treats are a good option for your furry buddy.
dog shampoo recipe
dog shampoo recipe, simple recipes for dog shampoo
Dog soap recipes
Dog soap recipes making a homemade dog shampoo bar
Dog Party Themes
Let your kids help you choose the perfect Dog Party Themes find a supplier for everything you need at your dog party.
homemade dry dog shampoo
Make homemade dry dog shampoo with ingredients you have in your home. Give your dog a bath without water
Grain Free Dog Biscuit recipes and Grain Free Dog Biscuit recipes
Try some of these great Grain Free Dog Biscuit Recipes
organic dog shampoo recipe
organic dog shampoo recipe try using herb - Soapwort to make your own organic dog shampoo
peanut butter dog biscuit recipes and more
Popular dog treat recipes including Peanut Butter dog biscuit recipes, honey dog biscuits, Mint dog biscuits, Dog treat icing and more
vegetarian dog treat recipes
vegetarian dog treat recipes - Make your own meat free dog treats
homemade flea spray
Try these homemade flea spray recipes. Why use chemical laden products that can harm your dog when herbs can do a great job.
flea control in the home
flea control in the home, fleas in house, home remedies for killing fleas, flea control homemade
removing ticks from dogs
Removing ticks from dogs, natural tick control, tick repellent
Making your own dog food
Mystery ingredients in your dogs food? Why not try, making your own dog food. Get easy recipes for holistic dog food, homemade organic dog food, home cooked dog food and raw dog food recipes.
raw dog food recipes
raw dog food recipes, raw diet for dogs, dog raw diet
Holistic dog food recipes
Holistic dog food recipes, Holistic cooking for your dog
homemade organic dog food
homemade organic dog food, making organic dog food, organic
dangerous food for dogs
Dangerous food for dogs, Foods and other things to avoid giving your dog
Home remedies for dogs
Find Natural Home remedies for dogs including, Kennel Cough, Ear Mites, Hot Spots, Dog Constipation, Canine UTI. Learn how to remove ticks and find relief for your dog allergies.
Home remedy for kennel cough
Home remedy for kennel cough, kennel cough prevention and treatment
home remedy for ear mites
home remedy for ear mites. How does your dog get ear mites and how do you get rid of them.
Dog ear infection home remedies
Dog ear infection home remedies, Causes of dog ear infections and treatment for dog ear infections
Dog hot spot treatment
Dog hot spot treatment and dog hot spot prevention
Home cooked dog food
Home cooked dog food doesn’t have to be a chore, try a home made dog food recipe and please yourself and your dog, this healthy dog recipe is very simple.
Constipation in Dogs
Constipation in dogs causes, symptoms and natural home remedies like pumpkin or bran
Canine urinary tract infection and canine UTI home remedies
Canine urinary tract infection symptoms and home remedies.
Dog Diseases and Symptoms
Dog diseases and symptoms including, Lyme disease in dogs, lumps on dogs and more
Lyme disease in dogs
Lyme disease in dogs, symptoms, prevention and treatment.
Lumps on dogs
Lumps on dogs are not always cancer and are really very common; find more information about dog tumors on dogs here.
Easy Dog Recipes Blog
The Easy Dog Recipes Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site subscribe here
Best Pet Health Insurance
Help choosing the best pet health insurance for you. Breakdown of pet health insurance benefits, top customer satisfaction awards and reviews. Pet Insurance for genetic and chronic conditions, top ben
Human food for dogs
Human food for dogs is a list of some safe foods you can give to your dog as treats or make dog food from these ingredients.
Pet Health care plan
Pet health care plan that is an alternative or works along with pet insurance, plan covers any pet regardless of age or pre-existing condition no benefit exclusions, no medical exam. Number 1 alternat
Canine degenerative myelopathy
Canine degenerative myelopathy is a dog disease similar to multiple sclerosis in people. Learn the symptoms to look for and breeds affected by this paralyzing disease. Tips on how you can help your do
Recipe for homemade dog biscuits
Recipe for homemade dog biscuits, Try making some of these easy homemade dog biscuits for your four legged friends.
Part time home jobs
These part time home jobs are letting me quit my full time job and pursue my passions by helping other alcoholics on the journey to recovery.
Easy dog treat recipes
The best in easy dog treat recipes these healthy one or two ingredient recipes are so, so easy to make. Try dehydrated meat for dog treats learn how to dehydrate treats.
Minnesota dog day care
Leave a review of your Minnesota dog day care and be registered to win. Minnesota dog day care providers get free advertising through this site.
Dog supplies free shipping
Find a variety of dog supplies free shipping from dog dental supplies, dog clothing and accesories and dog toys including kong toys or buy your dog food online with free shipping.
Easy walk dog harness
Choosing and buying the right easy walk dog harness or comfort dog harness for your dog.
Cheap dog accessories
Cheap dog accessories from a variety of sources many with free shipping. Get bang for your buck.
Dog cake pan
Resource for buying dog cake pan also stay for the free dog birthday cake and biscuit recipes, get tips for planning your dog birthday party.
Dog dental supplies
Find dog dental supplies, tips about caring for your dogs dental hygiene, when and why you should brush your dogs teeth.
Best dog food ranked
Get our opinion of the Best dog food ranked by lower, mid and high end dog foods. What is in good dog food?
Freeze dried dog food
How is freeze dried dog food made? Why is this dog food more nutritious? Get answers to your dog food questions.
Top ten best dog foods
Top ten best dog foods sorted by customer reviews, nutrition and popularity. With so many choices how do you choose? Leave a dog food review.
no grain dog food
Find the top no grain dog food sorted by price point. Why are large amounts of grain bad for your dog? Why do some dog food companies use large amounts of grain?
Best organic dog food
See our top picks for best organic dog food sorted by price point also see if these foods hold organic certification from the USDA or Oregon Tilth?
Remedies for dog allergies
Remedies for dog allergies gives you some tips to reduce the amount of allergy producing dander your dog sheds, find help for your dog allergies.
Home remedies for dog allergies
Home remedies for dog allergies is about eliminating or reducing your dog allergy symptoms, for people who suffer from dog allergies. Find other pages that help reduce the dander your dog produces and
Newmans own dog treats
Find out why Newmans own dog treats are our pick for the best dog treat you can give your dog. Why not support a company that gives back like Newman’s own.
Dog theme party supplies
Find over 75 unique handpicked Dog theme party supplies and suppliers for everything you need for your dog party. Many dog party favors and dog party decorations for your dog themed party.
Dog pee pads
Real comparison of dog pee pads, avoid urine odor and having your floor and carpets ruined by low quality puppy pee pads. Find dog potty pads that are a good value
Canidae dog food reviews
Get complete Canidae dog food reviews and look at other top ten best dog foods that compete with Canidae. Find the best dog food ranked for your dog.
Symptoms of dog illness
What are the symptoms of dog illness? Lookout for the various signs that your dog has an illness. Find out what signs to look for in a sick dog.
Best Dog Products
Find the best dog products that provide good value. Find cool stuff for your dog and the necessities like the best flea treatment for dogs, best dog bones, best dog training video, best vacuum for dog
Best flea treatment for dogs
Find our top pick for the best flea treatment for dogs. Try making your own all natural flea spray, buy the best natural flea shampoo or get the best price on commercial flea treatment products with f
Best dog bones
What are the best dog bones to give your dog? Get info on safe raw bones to feed your dog and great commercial dog bones that provide good dental health, jaw exercise and contentment for your canine.
Best interactive dog toys
Choose the best interactive dog toys and games. Did you know they make puzzles for dogs? How about making your own homemade interactive dog toys and games.
Making dog food
Tips for making dog food, making your own dog food can actually be detrimental to your dog if you don’t know what you’re doing. Learn about dog nutrition and when homemade dog food is ok.
Luxury dog shampoo
Luxury dog shampoo is the best of the dog shampoos; these luxury shampoos are used by show dogs and made with the finest ingredients, giving your dog that, show dog sheen.
Best Dog Shampoo
Learn about the best dog shampoo, we will explore luxury and designer dog shampoos and take a look at organic dog shampoo learn about what shampoo is best for you and your dog.
Best value dog food
Best value dog food is about getting a high quality healthy dog food for those of us on a budget. This dog food rivals many of the expensive dog foods but at a bargain price.
Dog pain relief home
Explore dog pain relief home remedies, these home remedies require no prescription or vet visit to ease your dogs pain. Get the recommended aspirin dosage for dogs and learn about natural home remedie
Aspirin dosage for dogs
Aspirin dosage for dogs and other dog pain relief home remedies. Try natural remedies for dogs pain.
Baby aspirin for dogs
Using baby aspirin for dogs, find side effects, dosages and other dog pain relief remedies including natural alternatives for dog pain relief.
Ibuprofen for dogs
Over the counter Ibuprofen for dogs (Advil, Motrin, Nuprin, Pediacare etc.) Is not recommended for dogs. Potentially causing renal failure. The proper dosage of aspirin is
Hylyt dog shampoo
Hylyt dog shampoo is becoming extremely hard to find. I found, Hylyt formula from blazer labs is cleaner rinsing. Based on the original hylyt formula yet improved.
Organic dog grooming products
Organic dog grooming products, such as organic dog shampoos and conditioners also find organic natural dental and oral care products, plus skin and coat care. This page focus is on natural grooming.
Designer dog shampoo
When looking for designer dog shampoo you should seek products that are natural and eco friendly, along with having the best ingredients. Scent plays a huge role in choosing designer dog shampoos.
Recipe dog shampoo
Recipe dog shampoo using herbs for a chemical free soothing dog wash. Try these natural dog shampoo recipes and learn about what ingredients to use in homemade dog shampoo.
Blue buffalo dog food review
Get the unbiased Blue Buffalo dog food review. How does blue buffalo stack up against other premium dog foods? You’ve seen the commercials but is blue buffalo a good dog food.
Dog sitting jobs
New to the dog sitting business? Learn how to get Dog sitting jobs. Finding a dog sitting job can be difficult; the key is exposure and trust. Once you build a few good relationships, your business wi
Bath tubs for dogs
Learn about different types of bath tubs for dogs and choose the one that is right for your pooch. Keep your bathroom dry and hair free; trouble finding bathtub for large dogs?
Professional dog trainer book
Our pick for best professional dog trainer book, we review some of the best dog training systems and books, use simple proven techniques to train your dog, many of these are great for children to lear
Unique personalized dog gifts
A collection of unique personalized dog gifts, with product descriptions, photos, and links to the stores selling these unique dog gifts. Gifts and dog lovers go hand in hand.
Dog Diabetes Symptoms
Dog diabetes symptoms are often similar to those experienced by humans. Learn what to look for when your dog may be experiencing uncontrolled blood sugar fluctuations.
Dog Cake Recipes
Having a dog party? Get your dog fest off to a good start with free dog cake recipes. Why not celebrate a Birthday, Christmas, Halloween or a new adoption with a homemade canine cake recipe,

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