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This is about part time home jobs and my story finding the perfect part time home job, this page is also about Mary (my sweet pup)and how Mary saved my life. The subject of part time home jobs and the one I have found is changing my life.

Me N Mary I am Chris, and this is my dog Mary in the pictures on this page. I am a regular guy and an alcoholic that is turning my life around. Late in 2009 I had lost my job due to my uncontrolled, untreated alcoholism; by this time I had already had chemical dependency treatment at some of the best treatment facilities in the world.

mary old pic

I had lost my license, my friends, my daughter and I wanted nothing to do with my family. What a terrible disappointment I had become. I tried countless psychiatrists and made myself known in the rooms of AA but hadn’t done any of the real work to change my life. I was absolutely at the lowest point in life and saw no way out. Without a job, without an education and very quickly running out of money.

I had only one friend left. My dog, Mary and she actually saved my life more than once. If Mary hadn’t been here, I would have no reason to get up in the morning. I would have no one to love, or love me back and I would have no reason to continue this incredibly painful life. I was absolutely at rock bottom, and I couldn’t abandon Mary. She counted on me!

I was able to get some part time work and temp jobs and even though my education is limited that didn’t mean that I hadn’t acquired skills along the way. I am a warehouse worker/equipment operator and inventory controller by trade but was so very very ready for a change in my life.

Mary Toy Pull I had zero passion for what I was doing, and could hardly keep my head above water with the wages that were being paid. I was on a mission to find a new direction in life, that new direction started with more AA meetings, meeting some new friends in the program and starting to feel better about myself, learning that alcoholism is not a character defect it is a disease, and left untreated it kills and ruins the lives of all involved.

I was still searching for a way to better my financial situation though. Here is where we talk about part time home jobs. I had searched everything!! Tried some of the get rich quick BS, looked into sales and figured out that I am no salesman, so what could I do?

Site Build it comes into the picture and where this website started. I don’t have to sell anything if I don’t want to. I don’t have to work on it when I need to be at meeting or at work. I don’t have to work on it when it’s a nice day and I just want to throw sticks to my best friend Mary. I do have to make a commitment to myself that when I do have the extra time it is spent working my part time home jobs. This is absolutely not a get rich quick thing it requires real work and determination but it is also very very real.

Think to yourself how you got here today? Was it through a search engine was it from another site, my best guess is that answer is yes. This is what site build it provided me, the tools and support for you to find this site today.

Believe me there are countless numbers of web hosting companies out there but NONE do it the SBI way and none have so many sites in the top 3 percent of all sites on the web. If you are looking for extra income, or a change in your life please visit Site Build it Mary Closeup I am on track to not having to worry about that part time temp job anymore. I dare you to find a better more comprehensive web building system. When I bought SBI I was not very keen on the idea of giving up any of my money I also knew absolutely nothing about building a website. So visit SBI take a really good look, then search the web for anyone that might have something bad to say about Solo Build It. My plans are to travel the country helping other alcoholics in their journey to recovery.

One terrific thing is that when this site is done and the pages are build it just keeps paying and growing. I think my next site will be something about alcoholism or maybe sailing or off the grid living, who knows. One thing I do know, it can be about anything you are passionate about.

Oh and Mary, she is doing great for a 15 year old and loves testing out new treats, the neighbor dogs love em too! I will continue to add to this page as the months go on and tell you how we are doing. Please tell us how you are doing? Did your dog save your life? or how did your dog help you turn things around?

After reading this little page about part time home jobs, you can probably guess what I am passionate about. Mary, and all dogs that change and enrich our lives, so that is why easydogrecipes is about giving back to your best friend. Oh and change your financial future that way you can buy your dog all kinds of really cool dog stuff. Change it with SBI soon your part time home jobs will allow you to leave your 9-5 grind and do what your passionate about.

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Solo Build It!

How did your dog save your life or just tell us a fun story?

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