Dog Pain Relief Home Remedies

On this page we will discuss different types of dog pain relief home remedies and some of the dosage amounts for pain relievers such as aspirin. We will also talk about natural pain relief for dogs. Many people think that they can safely administer over the counter human pain relievers to their dog however, this is not always true and can actually do more damage than good.

We will start our discussion with products you can buy. Read further down the page if your interested in learning about natural herbal pain relief remedies.

Aspirin is relatively safe for dogs but it does come with some risks, the risks of giving dogs aspirin, are much the same as the side effects that humans receive from aspirin; these are stomach upset, ulcers and reduced blood clotting. So you may ask how much aspirin should I give my dog or what is the correct aspirin dosage for dogs? Because most dogs weigh much less than humans having a weight closer to that of a child you may consider using baby aspirin for dogs pain. Baby aspirin is very easy to administer, you simply put this chewable baby aspirin inside of a treat, piece of meat or pillpocket, making it much easier to give this dog pain relief home remedy.

Earlier we talked about the fact that, not all human pain relievers work the same in dogs as they do for people. Ibuprofen for dogs is not the same as ibuprofen is for people. You may think that your dogs muscle pain or inflammation may be relieved by ibuprofen but this can be a dangerous practice and should be avoided. There are however over the counter pain relievers made for dogs with joint and muscle pain such as FlexPet, a natural and more effective alternative to aspirin for dogs. Mary, my 17 year old lab uses this stuff, and it's amazing. Visit the FlexPet Site and if the reviews there don't convince you? Check more reviews from other sources.

You may also like to try using herbs as a dog pain relief home remedy. Some herbs that may be effective against inflammation are Yucca or Turmeric. Combine Yucca with ¼ alfalfa and sprinkle 1 teaspoon of this mixture on your dogs food once daily. Turmeric also has anti inflammatory properties and can be fed to dogs, use ½ to 1 teaspoon of turmeric mixed with your dogs food once daily. Visit my natural pain relief for dogs page. and learn more about natural dog pain relief.

Natural dog pain relievers have become very popular, and rightly so. These non synthetic dog pain relievers prove to have far fewer side effects, while being effective. A terrific resource for all forms of natural dog products, including pain relief, joint health, supplements and all natural dog products is the Only Natural Pet Store I encourage you to take a look at all of the terrific, natural dog products, and product reviews they provide.

If your dog is experiencing pain that is out of the ordinary or undiagnosed please seek veterinarian assistance.

Visit my home remedies for dogs page and find home remedies for kennel cough, ear mites, ear infection, hot spots, constipation in dogs and many other home remedies for dogs.

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