Best Dog Shampoo

On this page we will look at some of the best dog shampoo.

Dog Shampoos come in a large variety of categories, from the simple dog cleansers that use very few ingredients and even organic ingredients to the elaborate luxury and designer dog shampoos. For normal maintenance I suggest using a dog shampoo with simple, natural or organic ingredients.

You should never use human shampoo on dogs as the PH of your dogs skin is higher or more (alkaline). Using a human shampoo on your dog will likely upset your dogs skin PH and cause problems with the acid mantel (your dogs natural barrier) when you upset this acid mantle you leave your dog open to a proliferation of bacteria. Using human shampoo on your dog will create a cycle of your dog smelling bad from this excess bacteria causing you to wash him or her more and further contributing to the problem.

If you have run out of dog shampoo you would be better of making your own homemade dog shampoo instead of using human shampoo. Visit my Homemade dog shampoo page and find dog shampoo recipes that can be made from ingredients you probably have in your home. You really should not need to wash your dog more than once a month, much of your dogs grooming can be done by brushing on a regular basis, this brushing will remove excess hair and dead skin cells from your dogs coat while distributing the natural oils creating a healthy shiny coat.

Dog Shampoos -

Luxury Dog Shampoo - On my luxury dog shampoo page you will learn about the dog shampoo used by show dog handlers, this shampoo uses only the highest quality ingredients to provide your dog with a beautiful coat.

Hylyt dog shampoo - With the original manufacturer of this celebrated dog shampoo closing it's doors due to FDA problems. Hylyt dog shampoo is available again with an improved cleaner rinsing formula based on the original.

Designer dog shampoo - Here you will find the best designer dog shampoo. These all natural dog spa products will please even the most finicky dog owners.

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