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I have researched pet insurance extensively and come up with what I feel is the best pet health insurance. First you should ask yourself if pet insurance is right for you and is it an affordable option to add to your monthly budget? There are some people who take the risk of going without pet health insurance and their dog has a major illness.

Veterinary costs have been rising at an alarming rate, in fact they double every 13 years and unfortunately vet clinics are under no pressure to keep costs down (as the case with PPO/HMO in human medical situations) so the sky is the limit. When pet parents are faced with this sad situation many need to let their pet go, as the cost of having many procedures is financially prohibitive.

I have been faced with a situation where my beagle dog Toby was in grave danger and had to make the choice weather to pay thousands of dollars having him treated or to have him euthanized. I did not have access to this kind of cash but fortunately I did have good credit and was able to take a loan for over $3000 and pay back at a highly inflated interest rate over the next years. I just don’t want others to be faced with these hard decisions.

I encourage you to do the homework I have already done on pet health insurance companies and find the best pet health insurance for you and your dog. Start with a free quote from Embrace Pet Insurance there is no obligation and you can customize this pet insurance to fit your needs. If you are like me you will want to check out other insurance companies and you should.

I urge you to look for independent reviews and online testimonials. You may also want to consider an alternative pet health care plan, these work independently or in conjunction with traditional pet insurance. Visit my pet health care plan page for more information on this.

Here are some of the reasons I believe Embrace offers the best pet health insurance.

1) Fantastic Customer Service (Embrace is rated 9 out of 10 by customers)
Read testimonials at Embrace Pet Insurance also check online for independent reviews.

2) Embrace reimburses a straight percentage of your vet bill - Not what they feel the vet should charge.

3) Embrace uses a straight percentage of your vet bill - Instead of a benefit schedule method this means you always get more back.

4) Embrace allows you to customize your plan - Meaning you can choose different limits, co-pays, deductibles and options finding a premium that is affordable for you.

5) Lifelong Protection for your pet – Meaning your pet will be covered year after year and your rates won’t go up just because you file a claim.

6) Coverage for chronic conditions - Meaning Embrace will continue coverage for chronic conditions such as canine diabetes or allergies.

7) Premiums not based on claims - Often pet insurance companies will raise your rates based on claims or modify your coverage as your pet ages. Embrace does not raise rates based on claims and once you are covered with embrace your pet is covered for life.

8) Wellness Coverage - Embrace offers coverage for your regular vet visits, these are covered without deductible up to 200 dollars a year, not only does this keep your pet healthy, catching illness before it strikes, but it reduces the amount the dog insurance company will have to pay for future treatments it’s a win win.

These are just some of the reasons, I have come to the conclusion that Embrace offers the best pet health insurance. I encourage you to visit their site read more about coverage’s or get specific answers to your pet health insurance questions. For those people looking for a decent budget dog insurance you may also consider Trupanion Veterinarian-Approved Pet Insurance Recommended by PETCO! Find Out How To Get 90% of Your Vet Bill Covered! Then do your research keeping all of the things listed above in mind and make an informed decision.

You may also consider using a pet health care plan alone or in conjunction with Embrace Pet Insurance this plan covers any dog or pet that may have been turned away from traditional pet insurance there are no limitations, no conditions and it even provides a pet recovery service all at extremely reasonable rates, visit my pet health care plan page for more info

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