Making Homemade Dog Shampoo

Making your own homemade dog shampoo, is a great way to avoid the harsh chemicals and additives in many of the products made for washing your dog. You will find that it is easier to make these first dog shampoo recipes ,these are very simple and can be made from ingredients that you probably already have in your home however, the chemical content of this homemade dog shampoo is very dependent on what types of soap you are already using.

Read further to find dog soap recipes that are completely chemical free. Or use PETCO Hypo-Allergenic Dog Shampoo this mild and effective, unscented dog shampoo, works perfect as a base, then add your own essential oils.

Maybe you would like to try making dog shampoo that is organic. Organic dog shampoo can be very simple to make, you can add herbs and essential oils that will naturally repel fleas, ticks, and other unsavory critters. These shampoo recipes will be free of chemicals, and have the very least environmental impact or try this natural recipe dog shampoo.

Making a dog shampoo bar is really easy, and very handy to have around. It’s great to keep one of these bars near your outdoor water source; on a hot summer day, while cooling off your dog, you can just grab the bar and give a quick wash. You can add natural ingredients to the dog soap recipe that will repel fleas and ticks it’s a great way to keep your dog cool, clean, and your house dry.

Speaking of keeping your house dry, I was getting tired of all the clean up after giving Mary a bath, visit my bath tubs for dogs page and join us in finding the perfect bath tub for a larger dog.

Dry dog shampoo
is another great option for cleaning your dog. The great thing about dry shampoo is you don’t need any water, you simply sprinkle this mixture onto your dog, massage it in, and brush it out; this dry mixture will pick up excess oils and leave a fresh scent.

Whatever option you choose for making dog shampoo you will find these projects fun and rewarding; knowing that these products are free of harsh chemicals will make you and your dog feel grrreat!

No time to make your own dog shampoo? Try Comfy Dog oatmeal conditioning shampoo. This natural dog shampoo does not contain the harsh chemicals found in so many of the store brands and is the best smelling dog shampoo on the market. it's like making homemade dog shampoo without the hassle, and actually can cost less.

Try some other easy dog recipes. Have you ever thought about making your own dog food? You wouldn't believe some of the things that go into your dogs kibble! YUK!! try making your own dog food.

Care to learn more about dog shampoo and buying the best dog shampoos visit my Best dog shampoo page for more info.

Learn about some of the chemicals found in the products made for your dog and visit my organic dog grooming products page.

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