Recipe For Dog Repellent

This recipe for dog repellent page will really serve two purposes one is keeping your dog away from where they don’t belong the other is keeping critters like fleas and ticks away from your dog.

First let’s look at keeping your dog away from the things that could harm him, or cause damage to the items you are trying to protect. The most effective way to keep your dog away is going to be a physical barrier however, this is not always possible for a variety of reasons, another great way would be to train your dog to stay away from these forbidden areas.

Dog training can often take a good deal of time, often it is best to use some type dog repellent recipe in conjunction with training, making the training easier and more effective. You may have dogs in your neighborhood that are going where they don’t belong? In these cases you may have no option to train the dog and or his owner may be unresponsive to your concerns. Try a recipe for dog repellent these are a few recipes you can make from things you probably already have in your home.

Next, lets talk about keeping critters off of your dog. If you are having problems with fleas the first things you should do, is address any other issues that may be going on, before applying any kind of repellent. One of the most common reasons for infestation is improper hygiene and or not enough brushing.

Fleas can also point to a medical issue your dog may be having? A visit to the vet would be a great way to get things started.

After you have ruled out any medical issues and your confident that your dog is getting the proper grooming it’s time to try repellent, here is a homemade flea spray recipe most of these homemade flea and tick repellents can be made from natural ingredients, that you probably already have in your home or can be easily obtained.

After you rid your dog of fleas, you will need to rid your home, actually it is probably best to do both at the same time here are a few ideas for

flea control in the home. Another nasty pest that seems to have no good purpose on earth is the tick. Many of the flea repellents discussed on the prior page also repel ticks, but if your dog does get ticks here are some suggestions for removing ticks from dogs also included on this page is a tick repellent recipe.

Try BeFree Flea Shampoo. This natural dog shampoo contains absolutely no parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, or harmful petrochemicals.

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