Dangerous food for dogs

I have checked some reputable books and websites looking at dangerous food for dogs and have come up with a list of these unsafe foods, and other items you should restrict access or avoid.

Not all of these foods are going to kill your dog, especially in very small amounts however, you should try to avoid these unsafe foods for dogs also, all dogs are different, what may not harm one dog could be fatal to another. For a list of good things to feed your dog visit my human food for dogs page.

Dangerous Food For Dogs

1. Yup It’s true you should avoid giving your dog chocolate – In some cases it can cause abnormal heart rhythms, tremors and seizure.

2. Grapes and Raisins – although your dog may be able to handle small amounts why take that risk.

3.Onion cooked or otherwise – I was a little surprised by this one but its true, although very small amounts may not affect your dog even one single meal containing 500 grams or more of raw onion can present dangers, onion can also be dangerous even if fed in small amounts as it is cumulative.

4. Garlic is one of those ingredients that is less toxic it should be used only in small amounts and with caution, the only reason I say that small amounts may be used is that garlic can be a good defense against fleas and other critters.

5. Avocado has an ingredient called persin that may be harmful to your dog it can cause abdominal enlargement, difficulty breathing and fluid buildup in the chest.

6. Pear seads, Plum Kernals, peaches, apricots and apple core seeds all contain a chemical closely related to cyanide.

7. Sugar Free gum – This is a big one! Some sugar free gums include the ingredient Xylitol this ingredient even in small amounts can be very dangerous.

8.Macadamia nuts or macadamia butter – The toxic substance in macadamia nuts is unknown however they cause tremors, weakness or paralysis of the hind quarters dogs have been affected by eating as few as 6 macadamia kernels.

9. Other foods to avoid are potato peelings or green potatoes, yeast dough, Hops, Tomato leaves and stems, rhubarb leaves and any product containing caffeine or nicotine. This is not a list of all dangerous foods for dogs but includes some of the more common foods that should be avoided.

10. Raw Fish - Avoid any raw fish that swims upstream to spawn many of these fish contain a bacteria that can kill your dog.

One of the most common causes of dog poisoning is Human Medication, Medications have been the number one cause of canine poisoning for the last few years, according to the ASPCA. Dogs may snatch a pill that is dropped on the floor or spilled from a counter. Also Never try to give your dog any kind of medication without consulting with your veterinarian.

Plants-Some common household plants to avoid or keep high are azaleas, rhododendron, kalanchoe, lillys, sago palm and schefflera.

If you ever suspect that your dog may have ingested a poison call your veterinarian immediately! You may also call the Animal Poison Control Center 24 Hours a day at – (888)426-4435.

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