Dog Diseases and Symptoms

On this page I will focus on some common and not so common dog diseases and symptoms. If you have a dog with a recent diagnosis or are going through expensive vet treatments only to find out that you can not get pet health insurance, check out my alternative to pet health insurance. This plan can even be used in conjunction with traditional pet insurance.

Most of the diseases discussed on this page will require veterinarian supervision, true medical diagnosis and care from a qualified professional, symptoms dog illness vary greatly so we will explore some of the common symptoms of dog sickness. I will however, whenever possible provide ways to keep your dog more comfortable and look at holistic dog care alternatives. Find more dog diseases and symptoms with possible home remedies on my dog home remedies page.

Dog illness diagnosis starts with the dog owner, so the better informed you are the better you are equipped to understand when it is time to see your veterinarian. One of the first dog diseases we will explore is Lyme disease in dogs, if you live in an area of the country that Lyme disease is prevalent please read my Lyme disease in dogs page, here you will also find a map showing areas of the country where canine Lyme disease is more common and some symptoms to look out for.

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Have you noticed that your dog has a lump, dog lumps are really not all that uncommon many dogs get lumps and although I do recommend having your vet check out any dog skin lump many of them are nothing to worry about and do not cause pain or ill effects follow this link for more information about Lumps on dogs.

As with any dog diseases and symptoms you may not need an expensive vet visit to simply answer your questions, or maybe you are dealing with a vet currently and are wondering if the right course of action is being taken, maybe you would like some advice or second opinion from a qualified veterinarian professional?

Canine degenerative myelopathy is a canine disease with symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis. Sometimes in early stages of canine DM it may be misdiagnosed as simple arthritis, however this disease paralyzes dogs. Visit my canine degenerative myelopathy page for more information on canine DM.

When Making your own dog food or evening buying dog food, don't forget that Dog Food and Canine food allergy are important considerations when preparing a dog food recipe.

Does your dog seem lethargic or seems to be eating plenty, yet still loses weight? Visit my Dog Diabetes Symptoms page and learn more about this canine disease.

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