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On this page we will look at companies that offer dog supplies free shipping. I'm sure most people have figured out, you don't actually get anything for free. Believe me, the shipping costs are always built into the price or you might get free shipping when you buy enough products, maybe you get a flat rate on everything. When you get dog supplies free shipping you end up paying a markup on your supplies. I personally like to use amazon, try the search box on the side of this page. Another way that companies provide free shipping is to require you to purchase a set dollar amount before they provide free shipping this lets the online supplier cover the shipping costs by selling enough products.

I will also give links to more pages within this site that will look at some specialty dog supplies including the easy walk dog harness(a page about choosing the right leash), also find reviews of some specific dog products and accessories.

Giving you my personal experience getting free shipping on supplies, while providing a few links to some of my favorite places to buy. Like You must consider the weight and size of what you are buying.. Usually if I am buying a small, light weight item and I know that the supplier is not padding their profits with inflated shipping I have no problem just paying the small shipping fee..

Absolute Lowest Prices on Pet Supplies

When you are buying something large or heavy (dog food online, some of the larger elevated dog bowls, dog crate etc.) is when I really start to seek stores that provide free shipping. I use Amazon myself and have provided a few links to their products on this page.. The really great thing is with Amazon you will almost always get free shipping even on cheap dog accessories when you hit a $25 threshold.

Say you need an item that is only 10 bucks, Amazon sells just about everything imaginable and a few things you haven’t imagined..LOL.. Plus they consistently beat other retailer prices. I usually look for some of my regular household items after I add my dog supplies saving myself a trip to the store.

Ok, so for instance two weeks ago I needed dog dental supplies for Mary. I simply did a keyword search on Amazon for dog toothpaste, added it to my cart and then continued shopping so I also added a computer mouse (saved 15 bucks over the local place) bought a kindle for a gift.. Anyway I had no trouble getting the things I needed and in the process saved myself a decent chunk of change. I personally use Amazon because of terrific service and consistently competitive prices.


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