Baby aspirin for dogs

Using baby aspirin for dogs with pain, stiff joints or using aspirin for dog arthritis can be a relatively safe practice; however aspirin and even baby aspirin does not come without side effects. Most common side effects of using baby aspirin in dogs are the same complaints often made by their humans. Baby aspirin may cause stomach upset, ulceration of the dogs stomach and reduced clotting of blood. Giving an overdose of aspirin to your dog may cause even more severe side effects such as vomiting, vomiting blood, bloody stool, extreme thirst, diarrhea and spontaneous bleeding. Long term aspirin use may also cause kidney and liver issues.

Prior to trying baby aspirin for dogs as a pain relief solution, visit my natural pain relief for dogs page, and consider using natural, herbal, or organic pain relievers on your dog. Baby aspirin dosage for dogs is 5-10 mg of aspirin per 10 pounds of body weight. Start with the lowest dosage and increase until the aspirin is effective at easing your dogs pain.

Baby aspirin can be easier to measure when treating smaller dogs, low dose aspirin may be used in place of baby aspirin. Baby aspirin may also be easier to administer as its milder taste is easily masked by a treat or Pill Pocket.

Baby aspirin is not to be used on puppies, pregnant dogs, or dogs with a compromised immune system, contact your veterinarian concerning pain relief for these dogs. Remember that the pain reliever must say aspirin Not Ibuprofen no other ingredients may be present. For natural pain relief without the side effects I recommend checking into FlexPet w/ CM8. My 16 year old lab Mary has been on Flexpet for over a year now and it is by far the best thing we have tried to reduce her joint pain.

Any aspirin that uses an enteric coating should not be used in dogs, this aspirin will not absorb properly.

Natural pain relievers have far fewer side effects and have been proven effective. Natural supplements have been proven even more effective in dogs with joint pain, or arthritis. Visit Only Natural Pet Store for a large variety of natural pain reducing products.

Contact your vet prior to starting your dog on baby aspirin. Discuss your dogs specific individual needs, and pain relief options.

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