Best Bath Tubs for Dogs

There are many options when choosing bath tubs for dogs. I have recently decided to buy a dog bathtub for Mary, as I tend to dislike giving her a bath. I hate the hassle and the mess, the bath takes about 5-10 minutes and cleaning the house afterwards takes about an hour, cleaning up all of the wet sticky hair, mopping the floors, and freeing the drains is not my idea of a good time.

We live near a lake, this is a blessing, and a nightmare at the same time. Certain times of the year when the lake is clean, and free of algae or fish smell, I will rinse her off in the water using a herbal homemade dog shampoo recipe but, most times of the year the lake is not an option and even a problem as dead fish wash on shore (Dogs love to roll in fish) Yuk!

So I set out on my search and started looking at bath tubs for dogs. I was looking to find a tub that would be semi portable and easily stored in the basement or workshop. We needed something sturdy and deep enough that Mary would stay in the tub also I would need to have enough water to rinse and poor water over her during the bath. First I looked at the Pet Gear Pup-Tub, this is perfect. This dog tub has everything I need; rubber non slip matt, shampoo holder, drain plug and tether, plus it’s only about 30 bucks, but only for small dogs or dogs up to 20 pounds (Darn) my 60 pound Chesador won’t fit in this. By the way, I love that name (Chesador). It’s a Labrador and Chesapeake mix, and it sounds sooo much cooler than mutt.

Anyway, our search continues. Next I see the Maze Pets Portable and Inflatable Dog Bathing Station, now this thing looks cool. This is the type of large dog bathtub you could show off to your friends. There is a problem with this tub though. Very poor reviews, saying things like it was missing parts, and using your indoor tub is easier. So for over 100 bucks I am not gonna risk it.

At this point I am starting to wonder if there are any decent bath tubs for dogs or should I say bath tubs for large dogs. Maybe I should just get a kids pool or galvanized washtub from the farm store and use that as a dog tub? Well a little more searching and I ran into the ABO Gear Dirty Dog Portable Dog Bath. Ok this thing is perfect and the pictures don’t do it justice. Not only does it get a 5 star review, is under 100 bucks and folds up small enough to fit in a closet but it’s amazingly sturdy and dries pretty fast too.

Mary loves taking baths in this thing and I love not spending an hour cleaning up after giving her a bath. Remember bathing your dog to often can be bad, leaving them with dry, itchy, and flaky skin. Brushing will really do wonders for your dogs skin and coat.

When you do bathe your dog, visit my best dog shampoo page and find a quality shampoo that will leave your dog feeling great and smelling good too. Maybe you are a crafty person ? Try homemade dog shampoo recipes. Some of these dog shampoo recipes are made from organic, natural ingredients, there is even a recipe made from things grown only in your garden.

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