Best dog bones

One of the best dog bones you can give your dog is going to be natural, raw knuckle or joint bones. Always avoid giving your dog cooked bones as these bones may splinter. Raw knuckle bones are great for your dogs teeth as these bones still have tendons and meat attached, this softer type of bone will have a much better chance of cleaning between your dogs teeth, these best dog bones have very little chance of splintering and provide an excellent source of calcium.

Find raw knuckle or joint bones at your local butcher shop or grocery, these bones usually save money over buying premade bones however there is one drawback to buying butcher shop bones, they can be messy and need to be fresh and refrigerated or frozen when you get these home. I recommend giving your dog natural bones outside, on a mat, towel or in a crate; bones will quickly be cleaned of the tendon and meat tissue and at that point, safe to let your dog carry around your home without making a mess.

Greenies dog chew treats - Greenies are the best dog chews because they not only clean your dogs teeth, but provide a great source of additional vitamins and minerals including vitamin E, A, C, B12, Riboflavin and many more. Greenies also include over 50% soluble protein. Greenies best are extremely popular with finicky dogs. I have not met a dog yet that does not like these bones. I have even heard people describe greenies as crack for dogs, the only drawback with these dog chews is they do not last nearly as long as natural bones.

If your dog is needing a bone that will keep him content and your carpets clean try Nylabone Dura Chew, these dog dental bones provide great teeth cleaning action, are basted with real meat and last much longer than many other dog bone products.

For more information about keeping your dogs teeth clean and some tips for brushing your dogs teeth visit my dog dental supplies page.

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