Best dog food ranked

So what is the best dog food ranked? Well that is a very tuff question and with so many high quality dog foods on the Market today there may not be just one that is best.

Dogs are as individual as humans and not all dogs respond the same or like all dog foods. What I can do is give you a few options for choosing the best dog food ranked by price point and give you the forum to give us yours.

Ok let’s get down to the business of figuring out what are the best foods ranked? In recent years dog foods have taken a huge step in providing higher quality nutrition and ingredients, you see commercials all the time for the latest dog food and some of them even try to guilt you in to buying.

Well the fact is that dog food is a multibillion dollar business and if they can get even a small part of that market share they can make some seriously large profits. I will tell you though that for the most part you will often get what you pay for. Consumers have become much savvier and are reading their dog food labels, these consumers (you and me) are not falling for the gimmicks and simply want high quality well balanced nutrition for our canines.

What do you look for on the label? Well, the basics are that you want the first ingredient to be meat this is the most important part of choosing a best dog food, Poultry or lamb are a good first ingredient but if you are currently feeding a food with another first ingredient (beef,venison,fish) and having good results I would not change your dogs diet. Some foods have a variety of meats as their first ingredient and I would say these are an excellent choice.

Stay away from foods that have the first ingredient, Corn or Grain these are not good for your dog to be eating on a daily basis and over time large amounts of grain will cause your dog to get a dull coat, dry brittle hair and flaky skin. This is your dogs’ body telling you that it is not getting good nutrition, you will not find any of these foods on the best dog food ranked page. Some will say, but I have been feeding these foods for years with great results well the first question is, what else are you feeding your dog? Are you giving him or her table scraps of meat, some people may actually be able to get away with feeding a lesser quality food and have OK results but they are also feeding the dog high quality meat proteins from the table. Also remember that high quality dog food has high quality nutrition and therefore you feed less.

Dogs also need fat in their diets so you should look for the guaranteed analysis on your dog food bag to have a minimum of 22% Protein and 10% Fat minimum. You should also be looking for things like chelated minerals and omega fatty acids with vitamin E, E is also important for healthy skin and coat and is a natural preservative.

You will notice that you will not see anything in the ultra cheap spectrum, the fact is that almost all of these cheap foods are grain based and simply can't make it into the best dog food ranked category.

Remember if your dog has any medical condition you should seek your vets assistance in choosing the best food. I also stayed away from breed specific foods and just went for the company’s broad spectrum dry dog food.

Best dog food ranked

On the higher end my first choice for best dog food ranked is Wellness CORE. This is a very high quality food made in the USA and is considered a best ranked dry kibble. With 34% Protein and 14% Fat this is a very good choice. Your dog also gets the benefit of a grain free food that uses poultry as its primary protein source. You will notice they also use ingredients like salmon oil, flaxseed, carrots, sweet potatoes, Kale, Broccoli, apples, blueberries and acidophilus.

Number two on my list of best dog food ranked is Blue Buffalo, Blue Buffalo is another high quality food and would be in the higher end of mid priced foods. Not all of the foods are grain free; the bonus is they use high quality carbs such as brown rice or sweet potato. This food contains 25% protein and 14% fat you also get beneficial ingredients like carrots, sweet potato, blueberry, flaxseed, kelp and lots of other good stuff, this food is also produced in the united states.

Number three on my list is Merrick Whole Earth Farms, follow link to get full list and see many other dog food choices with full ingredient lists and guaranteed analysis.

Whole earth farms comes in at the lower end of mid priced foods however this is a Merrick product and considered in their value line of foods I will tell you that whole earth farms is a best value, with high quality ingredients. Primary source of protein coming from chicken and turkey meal (not by product meal), the guaranteed analysis will show you that Whole earth farms adult dry has 24% protein and 12% fat and its primary source of carbohydrates come from oat meal. This is a family owned company and is also produced in the United States.

One of the foods not found on this best dog food ranked list is Newman's Own; Newman's Own is probably going to be my number one all around pick for dog food and treats you will find much more info about Newman's own dog treats and food on my Newman's Own dog treats page.

Visit my Top ten best dog foods page for a list of the best foods in the world. I used customer reviews and nutrition information from a variety of sites to compile this list and left my personal thoughts at the door click here to see my Top ten best dog foods list.

With all the research done on dog food and dog nutrition many of the better companies have breed specific foods that can be beneficial to dogs with special requirements.

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