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On this page we will look at that best interactive dog toys, we will be checking out 4 types of interactive dog toys the first type of toy is more of a game or puzzle that requires your participation, next we will look at the best interactive dog toy for keeping your dog content while you are away the third interactive dog toy also keeps your dog content but may be used for quite time or in a crate, last but not least how about making your own homemade interactive dog toy.

First we will look at 2 types of interactive dog games that will require that you participate by adding treats to the toy.

Nina Ottosson DogCasino Interactive game - I found this interactive game at Amazon and it gets terrific reviews. If you have children, this game can keep both your kids and your canine entertained for hours. I have tried a lot of dog puzzles but I am really impressed that this one not only uses the top portion of the toy where your dog pulls bones out to get the treat but also has drawers on the side that your dog learns to open.

Dog Tornado Toy - The Dog Tornado is a best interactive dog toy with multiple treat slots that are revealed by your dog spinning different sections of the game to get at the treats. Difficulty of this game can be varied by adding plastic bone pieces to different sections, this makes your pup remove the bones before she is able to fully spin the sections of the interactive dog tornado toy. Check out the videos and see how this works.

Hide-A-Toy - Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel toys are a game that does not require treats but instead uses smaller squeaky toys to entice your buddy. This Hide A Toy game is very durable, as you can see by the video to the right and comes in a bee hive or a bird house as well. Should Cujo destroy any of the insert toys replacement inner toys are also available at a reasonable cost.

Tricky Treat Ball - This interactive treat ball game, is an excellent way to keep your dog amused while you are away. Do you have a puppy that destroys your home when you’re at work? You can actually fill this treat ball with your dogs kibble in the morning, he will be going at it for hours to get his breakfast, keeping your house safe from those gnarling teeth by giving your dog physical and mental exercise at the same time.

Kong toys are a great toy; these things have been around for a long time and have stood the test, they are durable and effective. Kong’s can be great for dogs that are crated, giving them something to do while they are in their den. Have you seen the new twist in these toys the Kong Genius is a toy that can be expanded on by building different interactive toys with interlocking pieces. My dog Mary still has her original Kong, she received this as a puppy and now she is 16. Needless to say Kong's are well worth the money.

Well I told you I would give a tip on making your own homemade interactive dog toys, not only is it free if you drink soda, but it’s a great way to recycle. Simply take a two liter bottle fill it with treats leave the cap off and let your dog go to town. If your dog is not getting enough treats you can cut small holes in the bottle.

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