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On this best organic dog food page we will look at some of the top organic dog foods, sorted by price point. This best organic dog food page will focus on dry organic dog foods that are at least 70% organic and meet either the USDA guidelines for organic certification and or the certification guidelines set by Oregon Tilth (A nonprofit that supports biologically sound and sustainable agriculture).

I have left one organic food out of this list on purpose, this food is Humane Choice Organic, this is a vegetarian dog food and it is my personal belief that dogs need meat, however this is not the only reason this food is left out.

Humane Choice is produced in Uruguay, not that I think all dog food produced in other countries are necessarily bad, but when you think about organic food you think about Good for you (your dog) and good for the planet. So why produce the food in Uruguay then ship this heavy dog food 1000’s of miles to the United States when the US has over 1.6 million certified organic acres. It just puzzles me when the Humane Society of the United States is supported by people in the United States why would they look to other countries to produce their food? Cheap Labor? So - Humane Choice Dog Food is not a best organic dog food. Not to mention with only 6 percent of wholesale profits going back to the HSUS your charitable money would probably be better spent in other ways.

If you choose to buy a dog food that gives back to the health and well being of animals why not choose Newman’s Own Organics I will tell you a little more about this food when we get to it in the list.

Clicking the product name link will bring you to petfooddirect where you can see detailed information and reviews on each one of these best organic dog food, clicking this link will not close this page so you may return to look at other food choices. I sorted this list by price point with the most expensive of the best organic dog food being at the top of the list. Please note prices change so I can’t promise this list will stay in perfect order. I have included a few of the heavy hitters of online dog food to the right, do some comparison shopping and read more reviews if you choose.

Best organic dog food - Sorted by price point

1 - Karma Organic Food for Dogs

Karma uses the best ingredients and I mean the best, the primary protein source in Karma comes from certified organic free range chicken these chickens are allowed to run and forage outdoors. Karma dog food was the first to be certified 95% organic by the USDA. Karma also scrutinizes the environmental impact of their products right down to the recyclable packaging.

2 - C&P's Organix Canine Adult

Organix Canine Adult Dry Food is certified to be over 70% organic and meets the USDA organic labeling regulations. Organix dog food uses Organic Fresh Chicken as their number one ingredient; this chicken has never seen growth hormones or antibiotics. This is actually the same grade of chicken found at your local whole foods store. Organix is a well balanced food and has a good amount of its calories coming from protein, making this a good food for active fuzz balls.

3 - by Nature Organics

by Nature Organics Chicken Formula is certified organic by Oregon Tilth using, no meat by products, no by product meal, no white rice, no brewers grains and no grain by products this company also uses no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. By Nature Organics also has higher than average protein so again it’s great for active dogs.

4 - Natural Planet Organics

Natural Planet Organics is another good quality food which uses Organic free range chicken as it’s number one ingredient, this food also uses organic brown rice and oats as the primary carb source which are both high quality ingredients. Natural Planet is certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

5 - Natural Balance Organic Formula

Natural Balance Organic Formula uses Organic chicken as its primary protein source. For dogs that are sensitive to soy, eggs, dairy, sunflower oil, wheat or corn this dog food contains none of these ingredients. Natural Balance is certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

6 - Newman's Own Organics

Newman’s Own Organics is certified by Oregon Tilth to have no less than 70% Organic ingredients. Newman’s Own is made with natural human grade chicken and contains no wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors or flavor enhancers. Paul Newman gives all after tax profits to charity, focusing its donations on animal shelters and animal related services. Newman’s own is a reasonably priced product and is actually less expensive than many other organic dog foods.

Your pick for best organic dog food?

Do you have a favorite organic dog food? Share it!

Buying best organic dog food takes the safety of your dog food further by ensuring your dog is getting only the best quality ingredients these ingredients, facilities, farms and manufacturing process are inspected using the strictest standards.

I just had to include this Newman’s Own video cause it’s really cute. Newman’s own is a quality company that truly gives back.

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