Best Value Dog Food

What is the best value dog food? This dog food is not made from cheap ingredients or filled with artificial colors or preservatives, this healthy budget dog food is actually better than some of the names you may think are good. For instance Whole Earth Farms, best value dog food dry is better than many of the other dry kibbles, such as Eukanuba, Hills - Science Diet, Nutro, Purina One, Iams, Purina Pro Plan and many more.

I do not base this information on my preference, but from real scientific studies that do not consider the price of the kibble. These dog food studies look at the quality of ingredients found in the food and remove points for poor quality fillers, artificial ingredients and controversial dog food ingredients. For an easy way to research this simply check the dog food advisor site. I was absolutely amazed when I saw the price of Whole Earth Farms Dog Food, not only is it made by Merrick who is known for their high quality foods but it is priced in the same range as the grocery store garbage lets just hope they don't change their pricing.

I am not saying that my review of whole earth farms constitutes that it be ranked among such brands as Orijen or By Nature Organics, however these foods cost two and 3 times the price and honestly not everyone can afford 70 bucks for a bag of dog food. I found Whole Earth Farms Adult Dry Dog Food at Petco and at Pet Food Direct however when I went to my local Petco and Petsmart I was told that even though Petco carries this online it was not currently available in store but your local store may be different.

With a price around 20 bucks for a 17.5 pound bag I have not been able to find anything even close in this price range and it is even difficult to find a better dog food in double this 20 dollar price range, this truly is good dog food cheap. If you prefer to pick up your dog food and haul it home but are unable to find whole earth farms, another good option for a few dollars more would be Taste of the Wild High Prairie this food is available at more of the local pet food warehouses. Don't forget to give your dog a special treat by Making your own dog food or homemade dog treats.

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