Blue Buffalo dog food review

My Blue Buffalo dog food review is an unbiased look at blue buffalo basic dry dog food. We have all seen the commercials telling us to go online and compare blue buffalo to other brands, but does blue buffalo dog food stack up? I decided to research the company and the product to see if their claims are true.

I always like to take a look at the company that produces the products I buy. Is Blue Buffalo dog food company a good citizen, or do they engage in questionable practices by importing ingredients, and cutting corners for larger profit? But most important what does their ingredient list look like?

Blue Buffalo dog foods are all manufactured in the United States however, in the past, it has been revealed that some ingredients were from oversees. Blue Buffalo does have strenuous testing practices and assures the safety of their foods. You should know though, Blue Buffalo canned dog foods were part of the recall in 2007. Reason for the recall was a rice protein obtained from the supplier, American Nutrition. Let’s hope! That in the future Blue Buffalo keeps it suppliers in better check.

Blue Buffalo dog food review, concerning nutrition content.

Blue Buffalo basic dry dog food is in the higher end of dog foods, but may not be as premium as some may think. Remember, I am only talking about their basic food, but blue buffalo comes in a variety of formulations, some being better than their basic. Turkey is the first ingredient in blue buffalo basic however; turkey contains large amounts of water. When water is removed from turkey, peas come to the forefront. Peas are an excellent source of good carbohydrates and contain moderate amounts of protein and fiber however; peas simply do not provide the same type of protien.

Blue Buffalo also contains things like whole potatoes, ground brown rice, turkey meal, flax seed, oatmeal, carrots, blueberries, cranberries and the list goes on with lots of other good things.

The one ingredient that puzzles me is “caramel” not caramel color, but just caramel? I kinda doubt that it’s the stuff you get in a candy store? Anyway, I have sent a request to Blue Buffalo so they may explain just what this is? I will keep you posted. Blue Buffalo Basics, is also full of good chelated minerals, vitamins and probiotics.

All in all the Blue Buffalo dog food review, reveals that this is a good dog food, with good quality ingredients. Some of the companies past involvement in recalls and even their recent recall 10/2010 have been handled in a professional manner. If you are concerned about dog food recalls I may recommend trying a best organic dog food organic dog foods are held at a higher standard than other dog foods and must adhere to government guidelines for organic labeling. You may offset the price of this upscale dog food by making your own dog food for some of your dogs meals.

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