Canidae dog food reviews

When looking at creating this Canidae dog food reviews page it was my goal to give you as much information about Canidae, without putting you into information overload or getting highly technical during this review, for more technical details click any of the specific links and get detailed ingredient lists and guaranteed analysis without closing this page. Canidae is a high quality dog food with high quality ingredients but is it the best value for your hard earned money?

Canidae dog food reviews
Canidae Grain Free pureELEMENTS All Life Stage Dry Dog Food - Canidae grain free is the best choice in the line up, this food has a protein content that is above average and the main protein ingredient in the Salmon Meal formula a blend of Salmon, Menhaden and Herring has been FDA inspected to be free of ethoxiquin (ethoxiquin is a preservative found in many fish based dog foods and low quality dog foods). Canidae grain free is also found on my no grain dog food review page. Canidae grain free is high in omega fatty acids and includes vitamins B6 and B12. All of these foods contain chelated minerals these minerals are more easily absorbed by your dog’s digestive system

"Canidae All Life Stage Formula Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, and Fish Meals Dry Dog Food" - Canidae dry is another top quality product made from human grade ingredients and contains no ingredients that are suspect. In my reviews I have only one issue with this food. It looks as though Canidae is using three types of rice in this dog food. This may be considered a way to manipulate the position of the main meat ingredient. If a dog food company lists 3 different types of rice as the number 2, 3 and 4 ingredient it effectively makes rice the number one ingredient in this formula. I am not saying this product is a bad. Canidae is still a high quality food with a good blend of ingredients and good protein content. In fact this product gets terrific customer reviews and made it into the number two position on my Top ten best dog foods list.

Canidae dog food reviews

Canidae Platinum Formula- Canidae Platinum is not recommended for normal healthy dogs, reviews of this formula show this is a low protein diet and should be used only if your veterinarian has recommended your dog be on a low protein diet. Canidae Platinum does use high quality ingredients however this formula does not meet a minimum requirements for protein. This food is also said to be for weight loss? My belief is that the higher carb count in this formula may have fewer calories but leave your dog unsatisfied.

Bottom line is that Canidae dog foods are high quality dog foods made with high quality ingredients. Canidae gets very good customer reviews and their grain free formula is an excellent choice. I am however just slightly apprehensive about the pricing strategy of some of these foods.

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