Canine urinary tract infection symptoms and home remedies

Some symptoms of canine urinary tract infection in your dog will be. Does your dog seem to have pain or whine while urinating? Is he or she straining to urinate, does your dog always want to go out or is your dog having accidents in the house of an uncommon nature? In some cases of canine urinary tract infection, you may notice blood or puss in your dogs urine, or your dogs urine will have an extreme odor. Is your dog much more thirsty than normal? These are all symptoms of canine UTI.

Of course prevention is the best treatment of dog urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection in dogs can sometimes be prevented. Some of the best ways to prevent UTI in dogs, is to give them a regular bath paying special attention to keep the genitals clean. A great dog shampoo to use would be a homemade dog shampoo that incorporates vinegar, try some of these dog shampoo recipes. More ways to prevent canine UTI. Take your dog out often, when a dog relieves themselves on a regular basis they flush away bacteria, this bacteria may otherwise build up causing infection. Make sure your dog always has access to clean cool fresh water, the more a dog drinks the better.

Should your dog develop a mild case of urinary tract infection? Here are a few urinary tract infection home remedies you can try. Again, cleansing the area is a good way to remove any external bacteria. For the treatment of the bacteria that is already inside your dogs system, try adding small amounts of apple cider vinegar to their water or food. Acid in the vinegar neutralizes this bacteria.

Another home remedy for canine urinary tract infection is cranberry, try adding this cranberry to your dogs food, or water. If your dog will not eat or drink cranberry? Purchase dried cranberry, hiding in a treat, or sprinkle onto food.

Most any citrus will be beneficial in the treatment of UTI in dogs. If your dog will eat an orange slice this is another great treatment, however avoid grapes. Visit my dangerous food for dogs page, for a list of foods you should avoid giving your dog.

One product comes to mind when seeking a natural and extremely effective UTI remedy PetAlive UTI-Free Formula for Pet Urinary Tract Infections, seriously this stuff works awesome! It's not as cheap as apple cider vinegar but much quicker acting and longer lasting.

As with any canine illness. If your dog is in pain, is showing signs of an advanced infection, or you are seeing blood or puss in your dogs urine? Please visit your veterinarian right away.

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