Designer dog shampoo

In recent years people have been treating their dogs to designer dog shampoo. Dog shampoo is no longer that icky, cheap smelling stuff. Not only does the new breed of dog shampoos smell good, but many use natural ingredients based on research from the human cosmetic industry. This research has taught us that natural products are much better for the skin and hair, or coat. When using products on your dog you must take into consideration that your dogs skin will absorb, certain amounts of grooming products, these products should not rely heavily on chemicals and should come from a natural source. Because your dog metabolizes products more readily than humans do, using quality products is even more important for your canine.

Quality dog shampoo is not the only natural spa product available for dogs these days. There are many natural solutions to your dogs skin and coat issues. Some of these include, leave in conditioners, natural brightening shampoos for dogs, deep conditioning treatments, solutions for itchy skin and the list goes on.

After doing a good deal of research on dog shampoo products, I have come to the conclusion that paying a high price is not always going to get the best spa product for your dog. I have never understood why some people choose to buy the most expensive; anything, and think it is the best because of the price tag or packaging. Price does not always dictate the best quality products. Did you know that some of the fanciest dog shampoos are simply a cheap shampoo, repackaged and relabeled with a trendy name.

My pick for the best designer dog shampoos would be the products from Happytails Spa. They have a full line of natural dog grooming and wellness products. Providing solutions to your dogs specific problem, these are ultra high quality, while being affordable enough to treat your dog to the best.

Ever thought of making homemade dog shampoo. visit my Organic dog shampoo recipe page and learn how to make your own dog shampoo from an herb that can easily be grown in your garden.

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