Dog Diabetes Symptoms

Dog Diabetes symptoms vary from each individual dog however; there are certain diabetic dog symptoms you can be on the watch for.

Does your dog seem to be drinking extraordinary amounts of water? When your dogs blood sugar spikes, this tends to result in an insatiable appetite for water, along with this extreme thirst goes frequent urination. If your dog seems to always need to go outside or is having unexplained accidents in the house this can be a sign of diabetes.

As diabetes progresses, you may see some of these diabetic dog symptoms. Does your dog have a normal appetite, and consumes as much food as usual however he or she is losing weight? Diabetes in dogs changes the way your dog is able to digest foods and results in unexplained weight loss. Does your dog seem to have sweeter breath than normal? A sweet or almost sugary smell on your dogs breath may be a sign of canine diabetes.

In later and more severe cases of dog diabetes you may see symptoms such as extreme weakness, vomiting and shaking. Only your veterinarian can give you a definite answer whether your dog has diabetes.

Dogs can live pretty normal lives, after being diagnosed with diabetes. Unfortunately there is not an oral medication available through your veterinarian to control diabetic dog symptoms, your dog will need to receive insulin through injection however, after you and your dog get used to testing and giving injections this usually will go pretty smooth. If you are not using Primalix Blood-Sugar Balance Herbal Extract Food Drops you should be, this organic herbal product will greatly reduce your dogs need for injections and will help to stabilize blood sugar.

There are however, a few more ways to control spikes in your dogs blood sugar, for more information about controlling your dogs sugar levels, and an easy recipe for diabetic dog treats visit my diabetic dog treat recipe page.

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