Dog cake pan

Well if you’re going to bake a dog birthday cake you will need a dog cake pan. Actually finding canine cake pans was not as easy as I thought but I did find a great resource for pans at K9 Cakery Click here to visit there I have found the fire hydrant cake pan the squirrel cake pan and of course the bone cake pan in both large and small sizes. I also notice that carries a few silicone pans, these can be used to make ice sculptures and are oven or microwave safe also you will find that they carry great award winning sugar free dog safe frosting's and all of the decoration and party favors.

I searched Amazon and put a few of their pans on this page but I was actually surprised they didn’t have a better selection of pans. If you are going to be using your cake pan quite a bit or maybe you are doing some catering for dog parties I recommend you spend a few extra bucks and get the wilton pans these are a higher quality pan that can be used many, many times. If you are just doing a once yearly event the basic doggie cake pans will work just fine.

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