Dog dental supplies

So why is it important to buy dog dental supplies? Well did you know that most dogs not receiving regular brushing over the age of 3 have some type of periodontal disease so it’s not just an old dog problem and even with the so called dental bones etc. your dog is still not able to get their teeth really clean.

If you have a new dog or have not been brushing your canines teeth on a regular basis now is the time to start. Most dogs actually like the taste of canine toothpaste as it comes in many dog friendly flavors and dog dental supplies are so inexpensive. This is a good starter kit and a good value the Petrodex Dental Care Kit includes the finger cot brush, toothbrush and a special poultry flavored enzymatic toothpaste that breaks down plaque and tarter, there is no need to rinse and is completely safe for your best friend.

Dog’s that do not receive regular dental care are at a higher risk of developing pockets of bacteria, tooth and bone loss. This bacterium affects your dogs entire system and is carried throughout the bloodstream to all the major organs.

Did you recently get an older rescue dog that has poor looking teeth and bad smelling breath (halitosis) well this is a great time to take your friend to the vet for a dental. Your veterinarian will actually sedate your dog for a thorough cleaning, after your dogs teeth have been cleaned you should be able to easily keep up with your dogs dental needs.

Brushing your dogs teeth is actually pretty simple and they quickly get used to it and even look forward to having their teeth cleaned. Make sure to use an extra soft brush, squish the dog toothpaste into the bristles and work in an up and down motion from back to front and top to bottom.

If your dog has a difficult time getting used to the tooth brush try other dog dental supplies like toothbrush gloves or a finger toothbrush. If your dog is like Mary, they may like to chew as you brush their teeth. Simply buy the thicker style rubberized easy brush is a dog toothbrush that’s made to deal with chewing.

Try to brush your dogs teeth once per day or even every few days will go a long way towards preventing periodontal disease. I have found giving your dog safe bones go along way in preventing tooth decay and bad breath. What bones are safe for my dog? Visit my best dog bones page for more information on choosing the correct, safe bones for your dog. If your dog will eat vegetables, carrots are great for your dogs teeth. Soft chewy treats and especially treats with sugar are not good for your dogs dental health, after giving your dog a special treat be sure to brush.

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