Dog pee pads

Dog pee pads are used for puppy training or for dogs with small bladders. You may need to be away from your dog longer than usual.

I have tried a few different types of dog potty pads and found a few that are the best dog potty pads. You can also make your own reusable dog potty pads and simply throw them in the laundry with a little bleach, but we will get to that a little later, for now let’s look at the disposable puppy pee pads. Please note that dog pee pads are not a long term solution these should only be used for initial dog training or occasional use only. Using Dog pee pads as a long term solution is not environmentally friendly nor will it be cheap if you are looking long term?

If you are looking for a long term solution you should be looking at

Ugodog is much more sanitary than those nasty grass covered potty stations and is sold at a very reasonable price. If you are considering using one of those fake grass dog potty spots just think about cleaning all of that fake grass after a loose stool.. OMG! So not pretty!

I am going to list 3 brands of dog pee pads below all of which are good quality and won’t break the bank. Number one on this list is the best of the dog potty pads when you take price into account. I am listing 3 brands, as dogs can be picky about the puppy pee pads they use, certain pads have a smell that attracts your dog to the pad and this is very effective however certain dogs are affected by the odor and end up shredding the pad. I would suggest if you are trying different dog pads for the first time you order small trial packs and find the pad that works best for your dog.

Dog pee pads -

Four Paws Wee-Wee Pads

Four paws puppy pads are super absorbent puppy pee pads and are specially treated to attract your dog.

Simple Solution Eco-Care Training Pads

Simple Solution Pee Pads use super absorbent polymer that turns into a Gel, and absorbs up to 100 times it’s volume. Something to note about these potty pads is they are made from materials normally sent to landfills(recycled) these pads are also scented and designed to reduce tracking.

Nature's Miracle Advanced Ultra Absorbent Pads

Nature’s Miracle puppy pee pads are unique in that they are scented with a natural grass smell and pheromones, the idea is that you can quickly move these pads near the door then out the door then take them away all together, these dog potty pads also have a built in quick tie to wrap the wee pad up after it has been used.

One of the more environmentally friendly dog training products is to use a Reusable Housebreaking Pad these pads are made with a microban fabric that absorbs odors and urine without leaking. These reusable dog potty pads can be washed and reused more than 300 times, reducing the environmental impact greatly.

Another way to make your own dog potty pads is to use cotton baby diapers on a sealed floor surface that can be easily cleaned, be aware that dog potty can remove the finish from your floor and if your floor is not tightly sealed urine will soak through, you might be better off to use a rubber mat or heavy plastic mat under your homemade pee pad.

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