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Finding Dog theme party supplies can actually be more difficult than I thought. I have spent a couple of full days looking at, and for dog theme party supplies and have been slightly disappointed. I was hoping there would be a few more unique theme party supplies, it’s also difficult to find high end theme party supplies or more grown up dog theme supplies. Not that I was looking to spend a lot of money. I was just hoping to find more sophisticated things for the dog theme birthday party. I did however find some pretty great stuff just not as much as I thought.

One terrific place to get all your dog party needs in one stop shopping is They have some really great, dog cake mixes and sugar free dog decorations, frosting's, pans and some unique party decorations. They also have great paw print bows, ribbon, gift bags and tissue paper.

While I was in the process of searching for dog theme party supplies I thought it would be nice to put some of my finds in one spot.

Click to see my over 80 handpicked dog theme party supplies.

A few of the really great things I added were dog bone ice cube trays, these are not only unique adding a special decorative aspect to your dog theme birthday party but they can be used after, for low salt broth etc. Great on hot summer days. I also found some fun Scooby Doo stuff and one full page of Disney Bolt party supplies and even some bolt treats. Oh BTW If you haven’t seen the movie it’s worth it and one of my favorite Disney movies. I also found some Snoopy theme supplies and a good supply of Blues Clues Dog Party Favors also included are some assorted stampers, stickers, tattoos, gift wrap and some very cool looking gourmet treats. Well anyway there is too much to list here. Check the last page of items for some really terrific dog theme party decoration ideas..

One of the unfortunate parts of my search was that so many of the party favors were very child oriented and that's great as if you have children they will really enjoy it.

If you would like to stay away from the dog/child theme and do something a little more sophisticated it might be nice to maybe get some inexpensive table clothes and ribbon that you could decorate yourself, using rubber stamps, iron-on transfer paper and stencils, maybe using a nice dog serving bowl for party treats, Get a nicer fabric table cloth/blanket and decorate this with high quality non toxic paints then give it to your dog after the party for bedding or a crate cover.

Click to see my over 80 handpicked dog party supplies.

Have you had better luck with your dog theme birthday party supply search? I would love it if you could share some of the places and things you have found and tell us about it. I would be happy to add these items to the list. Tell us how your party went what did you do and send in pictures. Don't forget that if you share your ideas and finds you will be entered to win a dog gift package that will include gourmet treats and dog toys. I will also send you my easy chicken soup dog biscuit recipe.

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