Dog Birthday Party Activities and Games

There are so many great dog birthday party activities and games that you can do. I could probably devote an entire Web Site to this alone but we will just stick to a couple of the ones I think are really fun.

Have a costume party with a dog show twist, you can really get your guests involved when they do the judging. Have all types of categories like cutest costume, funniest costume, or costume best suited to the dog, for instance if you had a dachshund dressed as a hot dog. You can pick tons of categories to suit your taste.

As you can see from the photos its pretty simple to either make a costume, or just take something you already have and put it on your dog; granted some dogs are not into being dressed up and that’s ok you can do things as simple as a hat or bow on the collar. Remind your guests prior to the party that they need not do anything elaborate.

I’m guessing you may have a few friends like we all do, that will go to extremes and really get into having a terrific costume and if that’s what they enjoy then I say go for it!

Another fun activity is to build a very simple and safe agility course using items you will probably already have at home or you can get for minimal cost. Pound stakes in the ground and tie rope between the stakes making zig zag patterns then let the dogs race the course.

Another idea for dogs that may not be into agility would be to have treat or toy hunt, place treats in various locations around the yard and give points for each treat found, somehow I don’t think the dogs will care much about how many points they get!! Remember if you’re using treats try to use smaller treats that are on the healthy side nobody wants a tummy ache.

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