Easy dog treat recipes

These are the easiest of all, easy dog treat recipes as they usually need only one ingredient.

Your dog needs, craves and loves meat it’s what dogs eat naturally in the wild and what a dogs digestive system is built for. I honestly can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before but why not dehydrate meat for your dog? Not only is this going to be much better for your dog than the treats you buy at the store but it is also going to be very cost friendly. If you’re looking for dog biscuit or cookie recipes please visit my making homemade dog treats page.

Dogs really don’t mind the tougher cuts of meat in fact they prefer to chew and gnaw on stuff, plus meat is what dogs crave. This is a terrific treat for dogs that are sensitive to wheat or grains it’s even good for your diabetic dog as these treats will not spike sugar. If you are looking for a great alternative to most of the expensive unhealthy treats you’ve found the perfect fit.

So how do you go about making these easy dog treat recipes? How does one dehydrate meat? Well the best way is to purchase a dehydrator. So now you may be thinking, well that isn’t cost friendly if I need to buy some new piece of equipment to make my dog treats. First you don’t need to buy a new one look around at craigs list or garage sales maybe pick up a second hand dehydrator I have seen them for as little as 10 bucks and even ran across one that was free however, if you plan to make your dog treats on a regular basis, new dehydrators aren’t that much either and it will easily pay for itself in savings over the store treats, you will also give your dog added longevity and less trips to the vet by reducing all the fillers and artificial garbage that’s in most treats out there.

Now you don’t have to buy a machine to start making your easy dog treat recipes, you can always start with another method, however this method may cost a lot in wasted energy and you may run across meat that is not fully dried etc. But you can still make your dog something today and get the dehydrator later.

Use a combination of your microwave and oven for drying meat. First cut your meat into thin strips you can use any kind of meat but lower fat, red meat works best, venison is another meat that dogs love and is a great way for hunters to use up some of the tougher cuts. For a list of meats that you may try visit my human food for dogs page here you will find a list of meats that most dogs love.

After you have cut your meat into thin strips, place in between paper towels in your microwave than cook at 50 percent power for about 10 minutes check after a few minutes and see if your meat is cooking or drying? The idea is to dry the meat, not cook it. Move the meat strips around to the dry portion of paper towel, if you notice your meat cooking reduce power to 30 percent continue running your microwave until the meat seems relatively dry, you will notice a change in the color of the meat from red to dark red or brown, your meat will become sorta leather like. Remove meat from microwave and finish it off in the oven. Set your oven for the lowest temp or 150 degrees prop the oven door open and place your meat strips on a metal rack. Try using a cookie cooling rack, you need the rack so the air is able to circulate all around the meat continue drying your meat for an additional hour or two until your meat is completely dry.

Now even though these easy dog treat recipes have been dried they have not been cured. I would still recommend storing your dehydrated dog treats in the refrigerator or make a large batch, and keep them in the freezer. You will easily be able to take these treats out of your fridge in the morning and still have them stay fresh all day long for an outing. You don't have to only dry meat, try fruits and vegetables. Is your dog is an apple fan? This is a great way to bring treats along, without having the apple pieces turn brown and funky.

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