Easy walk dog harness

So if you don’t know what an easy walk dog harness is? I will explain how it works. When your dog pulls or tries to run ahead the harness tightens through the shoulder and chest, when your dog relaxes a little the easy dog harness releases tension it’s a very simple effective way to make walking your dog much easier while doing no harm, unlike some other collars that tighten around the neck and can even damage your dogs neck, spine and esophagus.

I would recommend that you take the easy walk harness off after your daily exercise routine as leaving the harness on may matt your dogs fur and may make him/her uncomfortable.

I actually recommend against walking your dog on any traditional collar because of the risk. Think about what is more humane and safe? A thin piece of leather, cloth, nylon webbing or even steal wrapped around an area of the body that is directly connected to the spine, vertebra and throat. Or would it better to have the restraint around the body and chest of your dog. You are not trying to cause your dog pain, fear or injury, you simply want a correction. Even the best behaved dogs can be spooked, see a squirrel or catch a scent, why take the risk.

Maybe your dog is very well behaved and you really have no need for a harness that tightens for correction then think about getting a nice comfy padded dog harness for him or her, a harness is by far the much better alternative to the regular dog collar.

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