Freeze dried dog food

Freeze dried dog food is made by taking fresh or sometimes cooked foods then these foods are flash frozen with around 97% of the moisture removed by evaporating the ice at temperatures of below -40 degrees Fahrenheit. This essentially still fresh food is then packaged in air tight containers.

The benefits of freeze dried food, for your canine are the nutrition is 90% intact providing all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs. Texture of this food when reconstituted in water is mostly unchanged, when the water is replaced this food regains its original texture, fresh flavor and aroma. Another benefit of freeze dried food is the weight of this food is greatly reduced thus adds great benefits for shipping, freeze dried food for your canine also has an incredible shelf life that can exceed 5 years.

Why is freeze dried dog food better than traditional dehydrated dog food? Dehydrated dog foods shrivel because of the high temperature processing required; also these high temperatures cook the food, remove much of the nutrition and break down the fibers of this dog food. Many dog food companies then need to add vitamins and preservatives (often synthetic) back to your dogs food

Why doesn’t everybody buy freeze dried dog food then? The answer is – Cost, even though freeze dried pet food is the most natural way to give your dog ultimate nutrition without adding chemical preservatives, synthetic vitamins or cooking out the nutrition while providing great shelf life, low weight and fresh uncooked nutrient dense meats and vegetables, the fact remains that freeze drying dog food is an expensive complicated process and therefore is more expensive for you.

Freeze dried pet food is about as close as you can get to making your own dog food with some definite convenience benefits.

$5 off 234x60Below you will find some freeze dried dog food options and a partial list of recommended freeze dried dog foods. I link to Pet Food Direct because they have great selection and pricing, they also have a great place to compare foods, with freeze dried dog food reviews. Pet Food Direct also gives full ingredient lists and guaranteed analysis on just about every food or treat on their site. I try to put their recent best coupon codes up whenever they are available.

My first Choice in freeze dried dog food is Sojos Complete Dog Food Mix Sojos uses nothing artificial, just all natural, human quality ingredients. Sojos is a family owned operation based in Minnesota. It’s much like making your own dog food without the hassle. Sojos uses fresh raw freeze dried turkey as their main protein source.

Merrick (a family owned company) is actually listed on my best dog food ranked page for being one of the better low/mid priced dry foods. Merrick makes a few foods with freeze dried components all though not completely freeze dried food, their Merrick Cowboy Cookout uses freeze dried sweet potatoes, freeze dried carrots and freeze dried peas. Merrick has a few products with a freeze dried component.

Another dog food company that offers a freeze dried component in many of their foods is Nature’s Variety. Nature’s Variety has been engaged in sustainable agriculture for 140 years and has a background in processing meat for human consumption, they offer many foods that use wild game or protein sources not found in other dog foods, their Nature's Variety Instinct Grain Free Duck and Turkey Meal offers the freeze dried component in the form of freeze dried turkey and turkey organs, although this is not the primary source of proteins in this food.

Freeze dried dog treats are the best of all worlds. Because you don’t need to feed your dog entire meals of these freeze dried dog treats (thus keeping cost down) you are able to give your dog a special tasty nutrient dense treat that won’t spoil like fresh raw treats. Most of these treats are simply freeze dried meat with nothing artificial added. Gimborn Pro-Treat Raw Naturals Beef is just one of the many freeze dried treats you can find at many retailers, local dog food warehouses carry some and find an even better selection online.

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