Home remedies for dog allergies

Some of the best home remedies for dog allergies are to reduce the amount of allergy holding material in your environment or cleaning these materials thoroughly. This page will focus on some natural home remedies for dog allergies by looking at some ways to make your home dander free. Dander, saliva and even urine can cause dog allergy symptoms, dander is usually the biggest culprit and antagonizes your allergies.

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I have read that people say it is not dog hair that causes dog allergies however this is actually not true. Dander attaches itself to your dogs fur then has a nice little magic carpet ride through your home. If you would like to find some ways to reduce the amount of dander your dog produces visit my remedies for dog allergies page, here we will focus on getting rid of the allergens that your dog is producing.

One of the best home remedies for dog allergies is to first create a dog free zone. This room will ideally have wood or tile floors and little fabric this will be a great place to seek refuge as you deal with the rest of your home. If you do not have a comfortable room that is free of carpet and large amounts of fabric you may want to consider buying or renting a carpet and fabric cleaner using an Anti-Allergen Detergent. If you are unable to clean the carpets at this time with a carpet cleaning machine give every fabric surface in this room a thorough vacuuming, an inexpensive way to treat your carpets prior to vacuuming is by using a Anti-Allergen Carpet Cleaning Powder.

Prior to this cleaning process you will want to wear a Allergen Mask , if you have forced air heating change your furnace filter using a Ultra Allergen Reduction Filter , if you have decided to make your bedroom the dog free zone? Wash all of your bedding using hot water; you will also need to vacuum your bed thoroughly and consider placing an allergen reducing cover over your mattress after the vacuuming. One of the best home remedies for dog allergies is to buy a good quality vacuum with excellent suction and use only HEPA style vacuum cleaner bags.

Bagless vacuums are not going to be your best option, as these machines need to be emptied thus releasing much of this light dog dander back into your home, if you already own a bagless style vacuum cleaner, empty your machine outside while wearing your dust mask. If you are in the market for a vacuum the Hoover Upright Vacuum with Pet-Hair Tool, Bagged model is a great option.

Clean your room by starting with the carpet, if your room has hard floors start on fabric furniture or the mattress in your bedroom, if you have curtains wash these in hot water as well. Run your forced air heating/cooling system with new HEPA filter during and for, at least two hours after the cleaning, this will help trap the allergens stirred up during the cleaning process.

Clean the hard surfaces in this room about an hour after your thorough vacuuming, you want all dust and dander to settle prior to wiping everything down. Start at the top or the ceiling of the room and work your way to the floor. You may need to do this vacuum and wipe down process more than once. Use plenty of water and a light cleaning solution in a wash bucket; rinse your cleaning cloth often.

Use HEPA style room air cleaners in your home, these portable models have come a long way in the last couple of years and many now have washable filters that are HEPA rated. I think the Honeywell HFD-110 QuietClean Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Filter is the best value out there. These portable air cleaners do a terrific job of removing the allergens before they get a chance to settle in your fabric or on your floors making your dog friendly rooms much more livable and greatly reduce the amount of time between thorough dander removal, another great thing to try in your dog friendly rooms is use couch and chair covers some of these are made for simple removal and can simply be tossed in your laundry.

If you have not made a visit to my remedies for dog allergies you should do that prior to your cleaning, this page will give you some ideas for reducing the amount of dander your dog produces and ways this dog dander can be removed before it gets in your air.

Other home remedies for dog allergies are to get plenty of vitamin C this is a natural antihistamine and will reduce inflammation to your nasal passages. Quercetin is another natural home remedy for dog allergies this plant based compound helps your cells from releasing histamine. Try the neti pot to cleanse your nasal passages.

A few other Home remedies for dog allergies are to

Have a dog free chair or couch, even in your pet friendly zone.

Wash your hands thoroughly after loving on your buddy, do not touch your eyes or face prior to washing your hands.

Change your clothes after playing with your dog.

Put clothes on your dog keeping the dander contained and wash these clothes often.

Remember dog dander is tiny and attaches to everything so frequent dusting or wipe downs are beneficial.

Wash your dogs bedding often in hot soapy water.

Use a good quality dog food. It’s proven that dogs with high quality diets full of omega acids, natural antioxidants and healthy fats produce less dander. For more information about top rated dog food visit my Top rated dog food pages. Here you will learn about dog food and what to look for in good dog food.

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