Ibuprofen for dogs - Not

Ibuprofen for dogs can be dangerous and should be avoided. If your dog is experiencing sudden pain you should seek veterinary assistance. Other common types of pain from excessive play or exercise, hip and joint pain may be treated with regular aspirin that has no enteric coating this coating is not broken down by your dogs system and simply will do your dog no good. Visit my aspirin dosage for dogs page to learn more about treating your dogs pain with aspirin and get the proper dog aspirin dose.

Remember Ibuprofen is NOT for dogs. Ibuprofen given to dogs is one of the most common poisonings. Just one 200 mg ibuprofen tablet may cause symptoms such as extreme gastric upset, vomiting, seizures, staggering, depression and irreversible kidney damage. Small dogs, dogs given higher doses, or if ibuprofen is used over a period of time can cause complete renal failure and even death.

Often times ibuprofen is ingested by your dog accidentally by dropping tablets on the floor or puppies finding these fun, bright, noisy, and very chewable pill bottles. Please keep all medications up and away from those sharp puppy teeth.

Older dogs that may be experiencing pain from arthritis or stiff joints, may benefit from some natural joint supplements and pain relievers for dogs. Find a huge variety of natural dog products at the Only Natural Pet Store or use your own herbs to treat dog pain, find a few of these herb choices on my Dog pain relief home remedies page.

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