Making Dog Food – Complete Nutrition?

Making dog food should be done as a treat or even a supplement to your dogs regular balanced diet; Unless you have talked to your veterinarian or canine nutritionist in detail about making your own dog food. You must research dog nutrition before taking your dog off of a balanced commercial diet.

Reasons for this are that your dog needs a good balance of nutrition including Vitamins and Minerals according to AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) there are certain minimums that must be met to provide your dog with sustainable nutrition. Some of the vitamins and minerals your dog needs are.

Making dog food – Essential Vitamins

Vitamin A – Supports immune system, growth, skin, hair and eyes.
Vitamin D – Supports healthy bones and teeth.
Vitamin E – For healthy heart, muscles, hormones and coat.
Thiamine - Healthy nervous system.
Pantothenic acid – Adrenal glands, skin, hair and nervous system.
Riboflavin – Eyes, hair, skin, nails and nervous system.
Niacin – Heart, nervous system and blood.
Pyridoxine – Immune system, blood and nervous system.
Folic Acid – Blood, bones and reproduction.
Vitamin B12 – Blood and nervous system.
Choline – Nervous system, bones and blood.

Making dog food – Essential Minerals

Calcium and Phosphorus – These two minerals work hand in hand and must be balanced at a ratio of 1.5 calcium to 1 phosphorous. If either one exceeds this ratio, there can be serious bone problems.

Potassium – Cells, heart and nervous system.
Sodium – Water metabolism and cells.
Magnesium – Nervous system, muscles and bones.
Iron – Healthy Blood.
Copper – Healthy Blood.
Manganese – Bones and reproduction.
Zinc – Skin, bones, coat, muscles and immune system.
Iodine – Thyroid.
Selenium – Bones and a healthy heart.

I simply cannot give a complete list of everything your dog will need in balance for all life stages on this page. When making dog food, I absolutely recommend looking into the Complete Guide to dog nutrition. This E-Book is a must read for anyone thinking about making their own dog food. This book is also helpful in choosing the right top dog foods.

Minerals and vitamins alone are not the only important part of making your own dog food. Your focus needs to be on protein coming from Meat and Organ Muscles, providing essential amino acids, these meats should include fat that will provide your dog with Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, these Omega fats are essential in providing benefits such as, anti-inflammatory qualities and helping to reduce the risk of certain tumors and cancer, however too many omega 3’s can be dangerous with their blood thinning qualities.

Remember that if you are feeding a good quality dog food, such as the ones found on my Top rated dog food. pages. There is absolutely no problem with making your own dog food as a treat or bonus to your dogs diet and can in fact give your dog higher nutrition. If you are going to move away from commercial dog food completely? Remember you must do your homework before making homemade food or risk your best friends health.

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