Newmans own dog treats

Newmans own dog treats are our number one pick for dog treats. In recent years many of the better dog food companies have started making, healthy dog treats, choosing a dog treat is very difficult. Newmans own dog treats are very healthy and have a few advantages over the competition and no I don’t work for Newmans own. What I do want to do is help people make informed decisions about what they give their dog and how they spend their hard earned money.

You must always consider the nutrition of what you give your dog first, but when it comes to dog treats they are just that, treats and your dog should not be getting a large amount of these every day anyway. Even if you do not choose to give your dog Newmans own dog treats please avoid treats with the following ingredients

Artificial Color and Dye – The FDA has approved many artificial colors and dyes however I have read many studies that show these artificial ingredients have been shown to cause tumors, mild allergic reactions and some risk of cancer. Even though these dyes have been approved, why take the risk?

Artificial Flavors – This is often made by enzymatic liquefaction of animal tissue, and is found mostly in low quality foods to make up for the poor ingredient content.

Chemical additives and artificial preservatives – Ethoxyquin, BHT and BHA are added to increase shelf life, these additives may cause allergic reactions and or affect kidney and liver functions.

Chemical fertilizers – These chemicals have caused serious health problems with a list far too long to list here. Newmans own organic dog treats use ingredients free from chemical treatment.

Antibiotics and Steroids – These ingredients have been shown to affect immune system, destroys good bacteria and contributes to muscle wasting. Again, Newmans own dog treats are made only with natural meats and ingrediants.

Meat by product meal – This meat has been rejected for human consumption and was presented to the meat packaging company as Dead, Dying, Disabled or Diseased. These by products often contain things such as Hair, Hooves, Manure, Necks, Feet, Nails, Feathers, undeveloped eggs, intestines and may also include decomposed tissue and euthanized animals.

Newman's own treats and dog foods use none of these detrimental ingredients listed above, they also do not use wheat or corn so these treats are a great choice for dogs with allergies.

I will tell you though that you can find other dog treats that do not use any of these ingredients either.

SO what is different about Newmans own dog treats? Newmans own is a good company that does great things. Did you know that Paul and Nell Newman have decided to donate all of the after tax profits yes 100 percent of the profits go to organizations that support the well being of animals. I just don’t see how my hard earned money can be better spent on a product but to buy from a company that truly gives back. Hey and guess what - Newman's own, are even priced at a very reasonable level, even cheap when you consider the quality.

I am going to list out most of the Newmans own dog treats below and give a short description of the treats. Here is a few quick links to some popular sites that sell Newmans own, Hey and you can even get a discount :). Get $5 Off any order $45 or more at With Code:PFDSAVE5Shopping at Petco can be convenient if you prefer in store shopping or save a little by shopping online. $6 off your order of $60 or more at! One more good site is they don't always have as large of a selection but often run sales and discounts. Take 5% off all orders, 10% off orders $75 or more at with CJOFFER5

Newman’s own dog treats

Organic Chicken Dog Treats

Made with Chicken Organic Carrots, Apples and Flax seed these crunchy treats come in a heart shape.

Organic Peanut Butter Treats

These treats use all the good stuff like human grade Chicken, Organic Carrots, Apples, Sesame Seeds and its all bound together using Natural Peanut Flour giving them that peanut butter flavor that dogs love.

Salmon and Sweet Potato Treats

These Newman’s treats are made from Salmon, Organic sweet potatoes, Carrots and Organic barley flour. These breakable treats are great for dog training.

Organic Turkey and Sweet Potato Treats

These Organic treats are made from Ground Turkey, Organic Sweet Potato, Carrot, Apple, Rolled Oats and Rosemary.

Own Organics Chicken and Rice Training Treats

These training treats are in the stick form and described as being a unique blend of Proteins, Whole Grains, Vitamins and Minerals these treats are made from certified organic chicken.

Organics Cheese Treats

Newmans Cheese treats are made with Wholesome Chicken, Organic Carrots, Apples, Flax Seed, Sunflower Seeds and Natural Cheese Flavors.

Visit my Best Organic Dog Food Page to learn a little about Newman’s own dog food and see a great Newmans own video.

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