Professional dog trainer book

On this page we will discuss the best professional dog trainer book or I should say dog training systems available. Dog trainers have widely varied styles and techniques I will talk about a few of the programs available, the ones discussed in the body of this page will be downloadable e-books many of these programs include pictures, audio, and video so you may get a better understanding of what the trainer is teaching. Best reviewed dog trainer paper books will be on the right side of this page.

The number one professional dog trainer book is Dog Training Masters - by Ray Colero This system is about the most comprehensive out there, this dog training system includes 5 audio programs an over 190 page training manual, study manual, plan of action e-book and 12 months of one on one email consultation, with way more than I can list here, click the link above to see what’s all included. Dog training masters has the lowest return rate of any system with over 97 percent of people being completely satisfied in the course, the system is well structured and very easy to use. Hey and it’s also fun.

Sit Stay Fetch is number two on our list and actually if you purchase the upgrade to this system it beats out dog training masters by a nose. Basic sit stay fetch does not include the audio found with training masters however, the upgraded version includes, downloadable video files and the sit stay fetch pro software; this software allows the user to keep track of important dates, training sessions, medical history etc. , program also includes full email support and a no questions asked guarantee.

Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training number 3 on our list of the best professional dog training books. Dove makes learning to train your dog so simple and fun, this system could easily be understood by a child and would be a great way to teach your children about dog training. This course includes 7 multimedia lessons which are narrated by Dove and include slideshows however, the downside is there’s no downloadable e-book included and the email help line seems to be limited to one question. Doves course is still excellent in the way that it teaches with such simplicity.

If you are the type of person that prefers good old ink and paper I have included the best reviewed and most popular dog training books to the right, if you have a kindle these are also available through amazon for your reading device.

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