Remedies for dog allergies

This page will focus on remedies for dog allergies by reducing the amount of allergy producing dander that your dog sheds. Allergens are also found in your dogs’ saliva and urine, however urine should not be a problem as long as your dog is relieving himself outdoors, if this is not the case make sure you are changing potty pads etc. frequently while wearing gloves. Saliva remains on the fur of dogs after your dog does her own grooming or licking his fur and some training may be required for dogs that love to give big kisses.

The number one of these remedies for dog allergies is bathing your dog often with a mild shampoo. Visit my Homemade dog shampoo page for some great recipes for making your own dog shampoo. There is a great dog shampoo available that reduces dander and leaves your dog with a clean healthy coat and skin try Comfy Dog oatmeal conditioning shampoo this detergent free, conditioning shampoo uses only human grade ingredients like FDA approved colloidal oatmeal to help with dry skin, itching, and dander.

Bathing your dog weekly can reduce the amount of allergy producing dander by over 80 percent, you will get the best results by massaging the dogs skin thoroughly during bath time. Using a good quality conditioner, like Fur Butter an ultra rich deep conditioning treatment. Natural Fur Butter will help even further, to moisturize and condition your dogs skin and reduce dander.

I have heard people say that it is not dog hair that causes allergic reactions. Fact is that the dander that does cause allergic reactions, attaches itself to the hair of your dog and is spread around your home more easily. In between bath times consider using a dog cleaning cloth such as a hypo-allergenic cleaning wipe to remove saliva and dander from the outer surface of your dogs fur. If you have a dog that will tolerate being vacuumed? This is a really great way to reduce allergens.

The next best thing you can do to reduce this dander is to brush your dog often, not only will your dog begin to love the gentle massage of being brushed, brushing also massages your dogs skin and helps your dog produce natural oils. This brushing action helps to distribute these oils. Dogs with healthy skin shed much less fur, and much less dander.

Brush your dog outdoors, and if the person doing the brushing is the allergy sufferer? I suggest that you wear a high quality dust mask and gloves. Did you know that dogs shed the most when they are stressed, or upset. Keeping your dog happy and content may actually help in reducing your allergies. You should be using a good quality dog brush.

For dogs with heavy coats, you will want to either have one with a dual head or you may need two brushes, to get the job done right. The first brush ,or brush head, should be the rake style that will pull any loose fur out of your dogs coat, the second should be the pin bristle style. This bristle style dog brush should reach all the way to your dogs skin, and stimulate the dermis of your dog. I was actually a bit leery of the FURminator, but after using it myself on my lab/ches mix, I was actually amazed with the great job this thing does.

For dogs with very light fur, you may not need this type of heavy duty tool. Let your best judgment determine what your dog needs? Your dog should not have red or irritated skin after brushing; the idea is for your dog to love, and look forward to brushing.

Another reason that dogs shed excess fur, and dander is they may not be getting proper nutrition? I do recommend that if your dog has suddenly started shedding excessively it may be a medical condition, and you should seek your vets advice.

Low quality dog food, will often leave your dog with a dull and brittle coat. Your dogs skin may become dry and produce excessive dander. Visit my Top rated dog food page for some ideas about changing your dogs food. These are the type of remedies for dog allergies, that are the best because, they increase the health and longevity of your best friend.

For More remedies, for dog allergies, visit my Home remedies for dog allergies. This home remedies for dog allergies page will help you reduce the dander and allergens that are already in your home.

Did you know, that people with severe dog allergies can have an allergic reaction in homes that have been pet free for up to two years. You must clean away the offending dander, and saliva to have a good result.


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