Diabetes in dogs - Diabetic dog treat recipe, Diabetic dog biscuit recipe

Diabetes in dogs has become more and more prevalent, here are a couple of diabetic dog treat recipes.

If your dog has been diagnosed with diabetes this is not a death sentence, and can be controlled in much the same way that diabetes in humans is controlled, if you think your dog may be diabetic visit my Dog Diabetes Symptoms and learn what signs to look for in canine diabetes . First and foremost, follow the advice of your veterinarian, discuss making any changes to your dogs diet with a professional.

Like humans each dog is an individual and their blood sugar will respond differently to different foods. Although your dogs diet is a huge part of controlling canine diabetes it is not the only thing you can do, along with insulin it is best to feed your dog smaller portions more times through the day thus reducing large spikes in blood sugar. Anyone who is not using Primalix Blood-Sugar Balance Herbal Extract Food Drops should be, this USDA certified organic product can greatly reduce your dogs need for insulin.

Exercise is also key to keeping your diabetic dog on track. One reason exercise is beneficial is that it increases your diabetic dogs metabolism, this increased metabolic rate stimulates insulin production and increases absorption of glucose.

The best foods for your diabetic dog are going to be foods high in fiber, low in fat and contain no sugar, you should also avoid any enriched flours. When choosing flour you should look for whole grain flours even better options are soy flour and amaranth flour.

sojos - real food for dogs

Diabetic dog Treat Recipe – Meaty Baby food treats

2 Jars Meat Baby Food (chicken, lamb, veal or beef avoid ingredient onions)

2 Eggs

½ cup Whole Grain Flour (Soy or Amaranth flour are great too)

¼ Teaspoon coconut oil (can substitute olive oil)

Pour jars of baby food, eggs, and oil into mixing bowl. Slowly add whole grain flour while mixing. Line shallow baking pan with parchment paper, pour treat mixture into pan and spread evenly. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Cut into squares.

Every thought of using dehydrated meat as a great diabetic dog snack? Try these easy dog treat recipes and learn how to make Dehydrated dog treats.

The best fresh, all natural dog food and treats out there. Sojourner Farms makes products with nothing artificial just all natural, human-quality ingredients. Sojos dog foods and treats are beneficial to dogs with diabetes. These products are made daily and delivered to your door with free shipping. SOJOS - homemade pet food made easy

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