Dog Ear Infection Home Remedies

Before we talk about any dog ear infection home remedies, lets talk about prevention of dog ear infections. Ear infections in dogs are one of the most common ailments found in canines. Dogs with floppy ears, or dogs that love the water are the most common victims of ear infection in dogs, when the dogs ear is often moist and unable to get proper air circulation, this is the perfect breeding ground for yeast or other bacteria.

Please do not self diagnose your dog, unless you are very familiar with your dogs symptoms and have seen them in the past. Should your dog ever show signs of ear infection like shaking the head, scratching at the ears or redness in the dogs ears, its best to seek advice from your veterinarian.

One of the best dog ear infection home remedies, is by cleaning your dogs ears on a regular basis, thus not allowing bacteria to form, using a good quality ear cleaner I have had really good luck with that inhibits the growth of yeast is important, I've had good luck with R-7 Ear Cleaner and it doesn't cost a fortune. You may also use a solution of apple cider vinegar, and water The recommended amount is 50 percent vinegar and 50 percent water however, you may dilute the vinegar with more water as needed.

For the yeast and bacteria type of ear infection in dogs, cleanliness and proper ventilation of the ear, is key. Are you sure what type of ear infection your dog has? Before trying dog ear infection home remedies. Visit my home remedy for ear mites page, and learn more about these nasty critters and what to look for.

Often times your dog may be more susceptible to ear infections, due to a diet that is lacking the proper nutrition. Ear infections may also be an allergic reaction to something your dog is eating.

Try trimming excess hair away from the opening to the ear, this will allow better air flow.

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Using a ear cleaning solution that is alcohol and or vinegar based is also helpful, these will evaporate quickly.

Owners who have pets with chronic ear conditions, must understand, that keeping your dogs ears healthy will require lifelong preventative care and maintenance. For dogs with more chronic or acute ear conditions your Vet will probably recommend Zymox Otic this product costs a little more but is extremely helpful. One product your vet may not tell you about is Ear Dr. for dog ear mites and ear infections, this natural product keeps your dogs ears in balance, again excellent reviews from multiple sources.

For dog ear yeast infection, I have heard about dogs that have fewer instances of yeast infections if they are given yogurt (Natural organic probiotic is best) on a regular basis. Not only is yogurt good for your dog, but it can easily be used as icing on treats. Visit my making homemade dog treats page for a few easy dog treat recipes that you can spread some yogurt icing on.
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