Dog Gift Bag

You will want to have a special dog gift bag for your four legged guests, of course you can buy some really great gift bags from the store or online
But have you ever thought of making your own dog gift bags? The terrific thing about making your own is that not only will they be more special than the ones you can buy, but you can also make them with materials that are easily recycled. Most store bought gift bags have a wax coating that makes them difficult to recycle so why not use something you probably already have around the house.

So take your paper grocery bags and reuse them to make gift bags. This is a great activity for the kids!!

Here is what you will need to make the gift bags.

Paper grocery bags
Hole Punch
Glue Stick
Markers or Paints
Small Box

First you will need a box that is the approximate size of the gift bag you would like to make. Cut your paper bags so you can wrap the box as though you were wrapping a gift however when you wrap the box you will leave one end open (this will be the top of your gift bag) don’t wrap the top portion of your box.

As you fold the corners for the bottom of the box put a small amount of glue on your paper making sure to not glue your paper to the box you are wrapping. After you have wrapped your box simply slide the paper off and you will have a bag just the perfect size for your gifts.

Next fold the top of the bag about an inch in around the top edges (this will give a more finished appearance and a more sturdy area to punch your holes) Next punch two holes on each side of the bag for your twine to go through. Cut your twine the appropriate length for handles. Tie a knot in one end of the twine feed this through both holes of your bag then tie a knot to secure your handle. Do this on both sides and you have a great gift bag. You can also add a piece of cardboard to the inside bottom of the bag. Now for the fun part..

Let your kids decorate the bags with markers or safe paints they can draw all kinds of funny dog related pictures on your bag. Also tie a dog treat to the front of your bag as a bow.

Fill your dog gift bag with special treats and toys. There are so many great options for small gifts to put in your gift bag. I have found rope toys really inexpensively at my local discount store, you can add squeaky toys, balls, dogie clothing, Kong toys or maybe a collapsible water dish. Hey even give some of your homemade dog shampoo or homemade dog treats as a gift… Your guests are sure to love these special gifts and will serve as a reminder of what a great time they had at your dogs party.

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