Dog Hot Spot Treatment

Lets talk about the causes, and prevention of dog hot spots before we talk about a dog hot spot treatment. Hot spots or “pyotraumatic dermatitus” are caused for a variety of reasons and are most common among dogs with thick coats and dogs that live in humid climates.

Hot spots, are an area of skin inflammation and infection, where the dog will lose their fur and often will not leave the area alone. Most times the hot spot is caused by bacteria, especially in dogs with thick fur this can be a problem because, it’s often difficult for the skin to get good ventilation; allowing the bacteria to grow.

Although sometimes regular healthy well groomed dogs can get this infection, it is more prevalent in dogs that may not be getting all the nutrients they should from their diet thus leaving there immune system week, or dogs who do not get regular grooming. Any dog that has matted or dirty hair is much more likely to develop hot spots.

Some ways to prevent hot spots in dogs is to shave your long haired dog in the summer months, not only will this help with hot spots, but shaving will make him much more comfortable in the summer heat. Also keeping your dog well brushed will help to remove excess hair and let her skin breath better. Keeping your dogs coat and skin clean, will go a long way in the prevention of hot spots. Visit my making homemade dog shampoo page, and find some recipes for making your own natural shampoo, adding apple cider vinegar to your dog shampoo recipe will be a great help; killing unwanted bacteria.

If your dog should become afflicted with a mild hot spot? Try this dog hot spot treatment, first you will want to shave the area around the hot spot, this will allow the area to breath better, next you will need to clean the area usually using a mixture of 25 percent apple cider vinegar and 75 percent water the apple cider vinegar will kill bacteria and help to dry the hot spot. I would not advise using any type of cream that would moisturize the area, thus giving the bacteria in the hot spot an environment to grow however, cortisone creams and sprays are suggested as they will help in the drying of the hot spot. Petco makes a good Hydrocortisone Spray.

If your dog is relentlessly licking or chewing at the hot spot, it is best to use an Elizabethan collar; when your dog can not be supervised. After treating the hot spot it is a good idea to take your dog on a walk, or play a game, this will get his/her mind off of the bothersome area.

Any recommendations I have given are for the onset of a hot spot, and for a mild case. If your dog shows signs of a deep hot spot, one that is ulcerated and oozing? It is best to take your dog to the Veterinarian, where the dog hot spot treatment can be prescribed by a professional with prescription antibiotics and topical cream.

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In some cases fleas, ticks, or bites can be the cause of something that looks very similar to a hot spot and just as troublesome. Try these recipes for natural homemade flea and tick repellents.

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