Dog soap recipes - Keep your dog cool and wash em too

I will focus this dog soap recipes page on the melt and pour technique of soap making the ingredients in this type of soap will be partially dependent on the type of melt and pour product you buy(if you're looking for homemade dog shampoo recipes please visit my dog shampoo page). I have found many suppliers of melt and pour base that offer natural and organic products, you can find melt and pour soap base at many craft and health stores. Soap base is also available over the internet.

I have been in contact with some suppliers of melt and pour soap and will soon let you know what is the best to use on your dog? I just use a glycerin soap base with cedarwood for the nice smell and flea repelling properties. However when I do this it's just a quick cool down rinse outside. Mary is part Chesapeake bay retriever with plenty of natural oils so brushing goes along way but, you get a lab/ches mix in the hot and humid and even with good brushing she can stink.

Making this type of melt and pour soap is great because you can add ingredients that will naturally repel fleas and ticks and avoid the harsh chemicals found in commercial products made for your dog.

Cedarwood and Tea Tree Soap

8oz M&P Base
1/2 teaspoon liquid glycerin
800 IU Vitamin E
Essential Oils Tea Tree and Cedarwood (follow manufactures guidelines)
Find Essential Oils At Starwest Botanicals.

Melt your soap base following the manufactures instructions usually in a double boiler or microwave, add glycerin, vitamin E and essential oils stir slowly (if you stir to fast you will get bubbles in your soap)Pour your soap mixture into a soap mold and let harden the amount of time for your soap to harden will vary depending on your base. Cedarwood smells great and is known for being a very effective natural flea repellent and tee tree has antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

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Do you have a great story about this? Share it! I've also added my email to one supplier trying to find the perfect dog soap bar?? Do you know of a great melt and pour soap base that would be perfect for your dog? I have used glycerin in the past and just added some cedarwood essential oils however I use it sparingly and Mary may not have the same type of coat as your dog?

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