Flea Control In The Home

First it is important to understand that for effective flea control in the home you must treat your entire home, paying special attention to areas that are fabric, carpets and your pets bedding. If you have fleas in house, sometimes it can be difficult to rid them entirely, also please keep in mind that even though it is best to use natural alternatives instead of chemicals, sometimes you need to look at what kind of damage the fleas may be causing vs what kind of damage the chemical may do. I suggest for severe infestations please contact your vet and work out a plan that may combine the two.

One of the great home remedies for killing fleas in carpets is Borax.

Sprinkle Borax lightly over carpets and fabric, let the Borax sit for a day then vacuum well, the borax suffocates the fleas and their eggs.

Another holistic flea treatment to deal with fleas in the home is to use herbs and essential oils, some effective against fleas are cederwood(cedercide), eucalyptus, citronella, lavender and rosemary, either make a spray out of these herbs by combining per manufactures instructions or sprinkle them onto carpets then vacuum. Get Essential Oils and Herbal Extracts at Starwest Botanicals online.

Keep your dog bedding clean washing it frequently with very hot water you can also add flea repelling herbs in a sachel to your final rinse cycle leaving some added protection from these nasty pests.

One type of flea control homemade is to make your own flea dip using rosemary and lavender. Steep one cup rosemary and one cup lavender in boiling water for 30-40 minutes straining the liquid add 1 gallon water then pour this mixture over your dog getting him completely soaked, let dry naturally. After the dip you can also follow with a bath using your own shampoo adding flea repelling herbs to your mixture. Try some of these ideas for homemade dog shampoo. Another trick for flea control in the home is to cut up a flea collar or use your own herbal flea spray to cover a rag etc. then place the flea collar or repellent under dog bedding, in furniture cushions and anyplace your dog likes to hang out.

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