Home remedy for ear mites

Before getting to the home remedy for ear mites, its best to understand; What are ear mites, and where do they come from? Ear mites are microscopic organisms resembling ticks, these organisms are best seen in a sample of ear wax looked at under a microscope. Looking at ear mites with the naked eye, you may see them just as tiny off white dots.

A dog with ear mites, will often have red inner ears and inflammation of the ear, often you will see a black or dark brown substance, that some say resembles coffee grounds, this is actually your dogs dried blood. If you do not notice the dried blood substance, your dog may have a ear or yeast infection visit my dog ear infection home remedies for more info.

Picture of ear mite Ear mites are most often contracted from other animals that your dog is social with. Because ear mites in dogs are so transmittable, you should treat all household pets as soon as ear mites are found to be present.

Ear mites are quite common but should not be taken lightly, these nasty little critters can cause major discomfort, and possibly damage your dogs hearing, even to the point of making your dog irreversibly deaf.

Again, I would like to stress if you are ever in doubt that a treatment is effective you should visit your veterinarian immediately, and speak to them about changing your ear mite medicine. Getting rid of ear mites in dogs, can sometimes be difficult. The first step in the home remedy for ear mites, is to be sure that your dogs ears are clean.

You can purchase a good quality Hy-Otic Ear Rinse, or make your own dog ear cleaning solution, this will not be as effective as the stuff you buy in the store but it will work until you can get some. Use 35 percent white vinegar and 65 percent water, you may also add just a drop of dish washing liquid to this solution, if your dogs ears are very red and irritated the white vinegar may cause some discomfort. For dogs with sensitive ears cut back on the white vinegar, in the your homemade ear cleaning solution.

Put your ear cleaning solution into a large eye dropper, or Ear bulb/Nose Sucker (if you have kids you know what this is LOL!!), all kidding aside though, you should get a good amount of the solution into the ears, then hold your dogs head and rub the ears in a circular motion, making sure to get the ear cleaning solution well distributed.

I would recommend against using q-tips, as you may push things deeper into the ear canal. Just use a good amount of ear cleaning solution then let your dog shake it out. I would recommend doing this 2-3 times a day and prior to giving ear mite remedy.

Cute dog white backround paw up

One widely used home remedy for ear mites is, Mineral or Olive oil the thought being that the ear mites will suffocate and die. Simply mix olive oil with a small amount of vitamin E and again drop small amount of solution into the ear, massaging this in then wipe away any excess with a Kleenex or cotton balls.

Another home remedy for ear mites is Yellow Dock root extract diluted with water. Mix yellow Dock root extract about ¼ teaspoon with 1 tablespoon water then apply this solution to your dogs ears.

These home remedies for ear mites require that you are consistent with treatments and that you continue treating your dog for no less than 1 month.

Your veterinarian has some great medications for ridding your dog of ear mites and these will be more effective and require less time and effort to administer than using a home remedy for ear mites. Are you sure your dog has ear mites? Could it be a yeast or bacteria growing in your dogs ears? Visit my dog ear infection home remedies page, look for the signs of other infection. Get more info on Ear Dr. for dog and cat ear mites and ear infections.

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