Home Remedy for Kennel Cough

Obviously the best home remedy for kennel cough is preventing your dogs contraction of this illness. Tracheobronchitis (Kennel Cough), is usually caused by a bacteria, but can also be caused by several viruses.

Often times your veterinarian may not treat kennel cough with an antibiotic, because this illness is usually easily fought off by your dogs immune system however, puppies, older dogs, and dogs with a suppressed immune system are at higher risk of having kennel cough develop into something more severe. Often times your vet will treat kennel cough with a cough suppressant, and let the illness run its course.

Some good ways to prevent kennel cough, is to have your dog vaccinated for kennel cough, also if boarding your dog make sure that the boarding facility is well ventilated, clean and the dogs do not share water or food dishes without them first being washed with hot soapy water. Make sure that all bedding is washed on a regular basis, basically hold your boarding facility to a high level of cleanliness. Kennel cough is highly contagious. If you have more than one dog, it is best to separate them.

Other places your dog can easily contract kennel cough, is at the dog park, by socializing with strays, or even at the groomer or vet.

Some tell tale kennel cough symptoms, are a continued harsh dry cough, Fever, Lack of appetite, brown or yellowish nasal or eye discharge, breathing difficulty, and abnormal lung sounds.

The basic home remedy for kennel cough, is to make your dog as comfortable as possible while he or she fights off the illness.

Best home remedy for kennel cough, is much like treating the common cold, try using a humidifier or vaporizer in the area where your dog hangs out the most; if you don’t have a vaporizer run a hot shower and take the dog in the bathroom with you for 30 minutes or so, this will help the mucous break up, and your dog will have more productive coughs, also try a small bit of liquid honey to help soothe your dogs throat. Take collars off to prevent stimulation to the throat area. Use Primalix KC Kennel Cough Herbal Extract this helps ease your dogs symptoms greatly.

Talk to your herbalist, they may recommend Plantago to help treat the cough. Plantago, acts as a natural expectorant and will help your dog cough up mucous. Echinacea, is another herb that may be tried as Echinacea boosts the immune system. Small amounts of vitamin C may also be beneficial. Again you know your dog better than anyone so if you have any concerns simply skip the home remedies for kennel cough, and take your buddy to the vet.

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