Homemade Flea Spray

Making your own homemade flea spray is relatively simple, and is free of the harsh chemicals found in most of the flea repellents on the market. If the flea infestation is severe you may need to consider using a commercial product? Please visit your veterinarian to discuss his or her recommendations for flea control.

One of the most widely used homemade repellents for fleas is cedarwood, in fact this ingredient may be found in some of the commercial repellents marketed towards natural flea control, you can find cedarwood Essential Oils at Starwest Botanicals or at many health and whole food stores. For better blending dilute cedarwood with Alcohol, Vodka, or Witch Hazel. Mix 15-20 drops cedarwood essential oil with 1 ounce vodka, you can then add another ounce of distilled water and place in a spray bottle (shake well before using). You can also apply the cedarwood essential oils directly to the outside of your dogs collar. Another great natural flea repellent is lavender, you can use this in place of or in conjunction with cedarwood.
If you have lemons around the house try to cut the lemon into quarters, place lemon in small sauce pan and fill with water to just above the top of your lemon then boil for a few minutes, cover and let lemon mixture sit overnight. Strain mixture through a cloth or strainer and use this mixture as a spray for flea control. Find more natural flea treatments, visit my flea control in the home page.

Did you know that catnip has been found to deter mosquitoes and biting insects. This herb is easy to grow and not only can it be effective on your dog but a great alternative to deet for humans.

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