Homemade organic dog food

Feeding your dog, homemade organic dog food means that you want to give your dog the absolute best however, if you do not have your own garden, or farm. Making your own dog food the organic way can be an expensive proposition. Learn how to grow your own vegetables to improve not only your dog's diet, but your own too, with home grown organic vegetables.

Homemade organic dog food requires that the ingredients you put into your recipe, either be grown/raised by you or someone you know and trust, otherwise you will need to look for foods that are certified organic here is how the system works.

Organic is the farming practice in which crops are grown on land that is free of fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals of any kind. The USDA states, that a food can be certified organic if it contains 95 percent organic ingredients. If you want to make sure that what your buying is organic look for the USDA organic seal. Foods that say, “made with organic ingredients” must contain at least 70 percent organic food. Making your own organic dog food is really the same as making any other kind of homemade dog food, but you will get the maximum amount of nutrition and flavor without the nasty stuff that is sprayed on crops in many modern farming practices.

In the case of organic meat you will find that the livestock is raised in a healthier environment, being fed organic feed, and not allowed growth hormone, or any other artificial drugs they also must not be genetically modified in any way. All meat that is organic must be slaughtered in a specialized environment that follows strict procedures.

Try using some of the organic dog food ingredients listed on my human food for dogs page. Create your own homemade organic dog food recipes using any of these foods; remember for good canine health you should focus more towards meats, vegetables and fruits and less towards grains or dairy.

The ultimate way to buy organic for making homemade dog food is to visit farmers markets, get to know the people you buy from. Not only can it save you money but you will be supporting local farmers and not big chains that import their food from all over the world; it’s also a terrific place to meet like minded people. Also check your area for local butcher shops, many can really be a diamond in the ruff. For more organic recipes don't forget to visit my organic dog shampoo page.

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