No grain dog food

No Grain dog food is much closer to what dogs eat in the wild.

The fact is that dogs are carnivores and their diet should consist mostly of meats while getting their vitamins and smaller amount of carbs through high quality vegetables, good grains (for dogs that tolerate grain) and even some fruit.

Most cheap grains have very little nutritional content and dog food made with large amounts of grain, force your dog to eat much more to get the nutrition from their food (they also poop a lot more). Some people say why are grains bad for your dog? The fact is that they are not necessarily bad, the cheap ones just add nothing good and large amounts of low quality grains tend to spike your dogs blood sugar.

Again not all grain is bad and not all dogs need a grain free diet, I honestly think that some grain (quality grain) can be beneficial to your dogs diet.

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I see one dog food company in particular that puts corn and wheat pictures all over their dog food bags trying to convince people that this is a good thing… It is not..

So what about dog biscuits don’t these have a lot of grain? Some do, but your dog is not eating dog biscuits all day long (I hope), these biscuits are meant as a treat.. There are however plenty of grain free dog treats on the market and most are going to have a higher nutritional content (many also have higher calories) so don’t give your dog a ton. Freeze dried treats are actually an excellent dog treat choice. It’s all about balance, if your dog is healthy, active, is looking good and is eating a high quality food.. Don’t sweat the occasional treat.

For dogs with grain allergies this no grain dog food should become a way of life. With all of the no grain dog food products available today you should have no problem finding the perfect grain free dog food. If you are wondering if your dog has a grain allergy see your veterinarian and get him/her checked out, often grain allergies present themselves in the form of skin problems with excessive scratching, redness and even hair loss. Another sign of allergies is vomiting and excessive loose stool. When in question see your vet.

OK lets get to the list, this list is compiled using a combination of reviews and price points from Amazon, Petfooddirect and Links below will lead you to one of these sites without closing this page, where you can then see the complete ingredient list, guaranteed analysis and reviews. I said this list will go partially by price point the higher priced food will be towards the top and lower price towards the bottom. I cannot guarantee the price will stay in perfect order though as prices change. This is a list of adult dry dog food but most of these foods also come in a puppy or senior formula and many have breed specific no grain dog food.

Please notice that recently I have removed many of the food specific links, notice on the right column of this page you will find links to a retailers home page, from there simply type in the specific food you would like to research.

no grain dog food

1 - Orijen Adult Formula

This is the best of the best in the dry grain free, dog food segment. Orijens philosophy is to provide a biologically appropriate food that is based on 80 percent meats and 20 percent quality carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables and grasses.

2 - Wellness Core grain Free

Wellness core is an excellent food and is one of my best dog food ranked list. Wellness is protein focused nutrition with nothing in excess and everything in balance.

3 - Evo Grain Free

Evo is another excellent product designed to give you the benefits of feeding a raw diet for dogs while using 21st Century nutrition research. Evo has one of the highest protein contents in the business and is an excellent choice for high energy or working dogs.

4 - Canidae All Life Stages Grain Free Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Fish

Canidae is made from Human Grade meat meals with their grain free formula being 80 percent meat and 20 percent fruits and vegetables.

5 - Merrick Before Grain Buffalo

Before Grain uses high quality meat and bio-available nutrients they believe a diet based on fresh meat, blue fruit, nutrient dense veggies and quality oils contribute to longevity and healthy weight. This is a Merrick product for budget minded people not needing a grain free food Merrick's Whole Earth Farms is an excellent value.

6 - Taste of the wild High Prairie

Taste of the Wild High Prairie offers alternative meats like Bison and Venison as the main protein source. This food also uses sweet potatoes as its primary carb source; sweet potatoes are naturally more nutritious and provide more fiber than regular potatoes. This food is an excellent value.

Please note even the foods on the bottom of this list are not low quality cheap foods when you look at price per pound, feeding your dog a good quality diet is cheaper than expensive vet bills and who can put a price on the longevity of your best friend. These no grain dog foods also require that you feed much less than the store brands, you will be cleaning poop less often. Good quality food is absorbed by your canines system and not expelled as waste. Feeding a high quality diet is much cheaper in the long run.

I try to add relevant coupon codes whenever possible, if a code has expired feel free to let me know and stop back for new codes.

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