Pet Health Care Plan

#1 Pet Insurance AlternativeThis pet health care plan is an alternative to canine health insurance if you’re looking for traditional pet insurance visit my best pet health insurance page.

One drawback to this pet care alternative is you must visit a vet within the network. I checked for vets in my area and found 5 within a reasonable distance and I live in a far outlying suburb. If you have a regular vet you can have them call pet assure at 1-888-789-7387 and they will explain the benefits for the practice. Please run a check before wasting any time checking out a plan that may not be reasonable for you. Visit the pet assure site through one of the banners on this page, you can then enter your zip code and search for vets in your area.

One huge benefit to this plan especially if you have been turned away from traditional pet insurance is that there are no limitations or exclusions based on your pets age, no exclusions for pets with pre-existing conditions, any hereditary disease and it covers every medical procedure.

#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

If you move to an area that does not have pet assure coverage available or if your pet were to pass away you can suspend coverage for use at a later time or transfer to a family member or friend.

Pet assures pet health care plan offers lowered vet cost and help with vet bills by providing you 25 percent savings right away, right in your vets office and covers Office visits, All Shots, Any elective procedure, Any Surgery, Hospitalization and more. You also receive up to 50 percent savings on many popular pet products and services.

Trupanion Veterinarian Approved Pet Insurance!Another advantage is pet assure gives you pet ID tags with pet assures number, the benefit to this is you can simply call or log into the pet assure site giving you the option to change or add contact numbers at any time. Often Pets are lost or wander off when you’re on vacation and the number on traditional pet ID tags does you no good.

Pet Assure will keep calling your home, your office, your cell and any number you provide. Pet microchips, require that your pet be scanned by a vet or shelter and the sad truth is often this doesn’t happen. Being reunited with your loved one can pay for pet assure alone.

Pet assure Pet health care plan can be used in conjunction with the best pet health insurance see my best pet health insurance page for more details. Pet assure offers a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee

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