Recipes for dog repellent

Usually you can use common things found around the house for these recipes for dog repellent.

One of the most effective and common recipes for dog repellent is cayenne spray, you simply add one part of cayenne to 10 parts of water this recipe has been found very effective however you will need to watch out for a couple of issues one being that your dogs nose is very sensitive, so please make sure that this solution is diluted properly also cayenne may stain certain items so be sure you test this solution making sure you won’t ruin the thing you’re trying to protect.

Another good option for dog repellent is ammonia. Simply soak cotton balls or old rags in ammonia then place in the area you would like to keep your dog away from you can place these around the borders of your property to help deter neighbor dogs, you can also use alcohol or vinegar in this way. Keep your dog off your bed by filling a can with coins and setting it on the edge of your bed.

Try citrus- most dogs do not care for the smell of citrus so put your orange peels etc in your garden as an added deterrent against your dog digging, laying, or chewing on things in your garden, this will also make a nice natural compost (be aware though that large amounts of citrus may change the ph of your soil).

Essential oils can also be a great way to make dog repellent, keep your pets where they belong, try eucalyptus, sour apple or cinnamon the nice thing about essential oils is often you can get these in a formula that will not stain (check manufactures instructions) simply mix with water and apply as a spray to shoes or any other item you want to keep safe from those gnarling teeth. Commercial products are also available in multiple forms and can do a great job as well.

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